Thursday 10th April 2014

Oil Pollution exercise & le SAMUEL BECKETT & CLAVIGO

BIDEFORD HARBOUR's MCA Oil Pollution Exercise was completed successfully on Tuesday of this week. The scenario was a ship leaking fuel oil from a bunker tank.

The command centre was set up at Riverbank House, with TDC and outside agencies involved (Devon County Council, Police, Environment Agency, Env. Health Officer, Environmental group.) , using Torridge's trained Operational services operatives (Steve Wiltshire, Mark Triggs, Chris Keen, James Davidson, Elaine Lester, and Tristan Saunders.) Michael Pryer Crane Driver was on hand i/c of tier 1 equipment held at the Harbour office. Extra manpower and all equipment was provided by ADLER and ALLAN  our tier 2 provider.

Torridge Officers who were recently trained were installed at the command centre (Joint NDC & TDC Head of Operational Services Ricky McCormack and HM Roger Hoad) , with the outside agencies, and the on scene commander was Mr Simon Toon. Mrs Tina Fay Harbour assistant ensured that all administration ran smoorthly and kept records of events.

An oil containment boom was deployed from the quayside, and towed into positiion using the TDC Pilot Boat and John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman as crew. An oil skimmer and Fast tank were also deployed.

Pilot Vessel Two Rivers 2 deploys the oil boom.
TDC Operatives construct a Fastank to hold recovered oil on Bideford quay.

le SAMUEL BECKETT is due to sail to complete her trials on Monday morning at 0530 hrs. She is due to return two days later, and then to sail to her owners in Ireland.

mv CLAVIGO is due to load stone at GLENSANDA this weekend for YELLAND QUAY, for Monday arrival tide depends on her loading time. She will carry 3,000 tonnes and have a draught of 5.5m.

The ship came to Bideford in July 2007 to load Ball Clay for SpainSamBeckApr14
NormHarker's photo of the SAMUEL BECKETT returning to Appledore 3rd April