Monday 14th April 2014

le Samuel Beckett sails. Oil spill crew.Stone ship ETA.

le SAMUEL BECKETT sailed from the Middle Yard Appledore at 0540 hrs  at dawn this morning.

She was towed sternfirst into the river by Babcocks workboat Lundy Puffin, and used her powerful bow thruster to coax the foward part of the sleek ship off the berth.

Her engines were clutched in when she was in deeper water, and she proceeded downriver and out to sea.

The Pilot's departure was facilitated at sea when a lee was made with moderate North westerley winds.

The ship is presently undergoing speed and endurance trials at greater than 20 knots off Lundy.

Her Merchant Captain was Jerry Waller, with Irish naval officers and her Captain to be assisting. She will return on the Thursday evening tide. Below is Norman Hardaker's  sunrise photo of her.

Pilot Roger Hoad Pilot Boat crew John Pavitt & Thom Flaxman.


mv CLAVIGO is due for the am tide on Tuesday she is carrying GLENSANDA stone and has a draught of up to 5.8m and will discharge during the course of Tuesday likely to sail on the evening tide.

There is a small chance that she will arrive for the pm tide this evening.

TDC Oil crew at the recent exercise on Bideford Quay