Tuesday 15th April 2014

mv CLAVIGO berths at YELLAND QUAY. & sails in the evening...

Clavigo passes by the Burrows
mv CLAVIGO arrived early this morning from GLENSANDA. draught approx 5.6 m  with 3800 tonnes of stone. She was all fast at 0655 hrs and started discharge at 0715 hrs.

Her Captain is from MOSCOW and the ship handled perfectly, with her Becker rudder, right handed propeller and 2 step bowthruster. She was berthed port side to just before high water. She finished discharge at 1620 approx and will sail at 1845 hrs for BIRDPORT near NEWPORT Wales to load steel coils for ALGERIA.

swing ship at Yelland. John Pavitt on Jetty.

The Clavigo master says that his crew consists of 2 Russians 2 Ukrainians, 2 Polish and a Hungarian. They speak in Russian and English to each other. She sailed at 1850 hours. He was looking forward to the longer 10 day voyage to Algeria when the crew can get better rest periods, rather than the short intensive coastal voyages as at present. He has 3 bridge watchkeepers, including himself.

He has a wife and 19 year old daughter at home in Moscow, where he says  they no longer suffer the extremes of temperature that they did in his youth, when he had played football in - 20 deg C ! Now -5 C is more normal. He works 4 months on then 4 months off and the ship owners are German, and have 45 ships including 3 container ships.

Norman's photo of the ship riding high outbound past the Burrows

The ship starting to load at Yelland this morning