Friday 18th April 2014

Samuel Beckett returns to Appledore. Welsh Piper confirmed.

le SAMUEL BECKETT has returned from successful sea trials this morning.

TDC Pilot crew attended the ship at Bideford Bar, and Pilot Roger Hoad was skilfully put aboard by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. The calm waters, and daylight conditions assisted the boarding, which because of the design of the ship and her 'reverse tumblehome' hull sides allows insufficient room for Pilot Boats to safely lay alongside, and causing pilot ladders to be 'suspended' in mid air.

The vessel handled perfectly, and with all systems operating well. Her Irish Navy crew were in attendance in their unusual role of watchkeeping on  their own ship (but not yet handed over) with a Merchant Navy Captain (Jerry Waller).

Babcock Appledore shipyard crew manned the vessel throughout her continual day and night trials and senior shipyard personnel were aboard.

The ship had a draught of 4.1m aft and berthed at high water.

Lundy Puffin assisted the turn off the covered yard, and held the ship alongside the middle dock quayside as shorelines were made fast.

Final successful trials were the Dynamic Positioning system, which operates via the powerfull bowthruster, and unusually with no sternthrusters, but with rudders that can turn extra far over and independantly of each other.

The design and build of the ship is hugely successful and a credit to Babcocks Appledore Shipyard and her Canadian designers.

leSamuelBeckett passing Appledorethis morning Norman Hardaker
le Samuel Beckett & Lundy Puffin approach the swinging area Norman Hardaker
leSamuel Beckett swings in river assisted by Lundy puffin.
Thom Flaxman's photo of le Samuel Beckett

mv WELSH PIPER will be off port at 0730 tommorrow ready to berth at 0830 hrs to land her cargo of sand for YELLAND QUAY when she will return to sea an hour or so after high water.