Welsh Piper to Yelland.

Norman hardaker's image of Welsh Piper passing Crow Point..

mv WELSH PIPER was boarded by TDC Pilotage service at 0745 hrs this morning at sea, and the ship was conducted to YELLAND QUAY where her cargo was discharged and she set sail again at approx 1055 hrs bound up channel to dredge another sand cargo, for AVONMOUTH.

The Pilot boat returned to her moorigs at midday.

Her Captain reported that the dredging business was getting busier, in line with the pick up in the building trade.

The cargo will be used by Notts Contractors. Mr Paul Jury was in attendance at the jetty throughout. John Pavitt, Thom Flaxman and Roger Hoad were on duty for TDC.

ms OLDENBURG the Lundy ferry has sailed to Lundy, with cargo and passengers for the Island this morning.

A Farmers Market is in progress on the North Quay this morning.