Monday 28th April 2014


le SAMUEL BECKETT sailed this evening at 1815 hrs for final short trials after engine adjustments, and will likely sail off for CORK tommorrow evening after landing Babcock Technicians, including a lady lloyds surveyor and her trials Captain Jerry Waller.

The Irish Commander was looking forward to taking over his ship, and his crew were all aboard looking smart in their uniforms. There were approx 43 of them.

Reportedly the ship was comfortable at speed (23 knots) and has been thoroughly tested - even doing 14 knots sternfirst for an hours proving trial! Vibration was minimal at this speed.

On Piloting the ship she was fast and very responsive, steering perfectedly with her twin rudders and twin screws. Hundreds of wellwishers lined the Banks of the river Torridge at APPLEDORE.

The whistle was blown repeatedly as she passed Appledore quay.

The Irish Commander expects the ship to sail directly for CORK and continue with familiaristaion trials. The LUNDY PUFFIN was asssting in unberthing, and the PILOT BOAT TWO RIVERS TWO crewed by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman was in attendance boarding and landing the PIlot Roger Hoad.

Numerous yachts and small craft were in attendance, and the APPLEDORE lifeboat ave a water display ahead of the ship.

mv ARCO DART came in to BIDNA early on the Tide and sailed late on the tide having landed her 1300 tonnes of sand. This was her new Captains second trip in and out with his newly issued Puilotage exemption certificate. (Capt John Quayle.) He has been gaining experience an the estuary under pilotage intruction by Capt Keith Stevens for over a year.