Wednesday 30th April 2014

Welsh Piper visits YELLAND

mv WELSH PIPER has visited YELAND QUAY this morning to discharge her 1200 tonnes of grade A rough sand onto the jetty.

The Master says that this will be the last cargo of that particular grade of sand since the licence to dredge from the Welsh Assembly finishes at the end of this month.

The ship sailed 1 hour and forty minutes afer high water with a draft of approx 3.4 metres with her ballast in. There was about 4.5 m of water minimum in the channel as shesailed on a rapidly falling tide.

TDC Pilotage service boarded the ship on arrival at the Pilot station in calm but misty conditions, tied the ship up, and was in attendance throughout her arrival, stay alongside and sailing.

Notts contractors now have a good stock of sand and stone.

le Samuel Beckett sailed for CORK as planned yesterday evening after final speed trials during yesterday with her Irish Naval crew of some 45 men. Babcocks crew and technicians were landed by the LUNDY PUFFIN. (Photos tofollow tommorrow.)