Thursday 1st May 2014

Samuel Beckett photos Appledore & Cork.Clay ships due.

le SAMUEL BECKETT sailed to CORK after final trials as previously reported. SamBeckDepAppleApril14
Norman's photo of the ship finally sailing past Appledore flying her ensign.
..SamBeckFinsailNormApr 28th
Doug Sander's photo of the ship off Appledore quay with wellwishing craft.
The ship arriving at CORK, ROI
Samuel Beckett passing the Heads at CORK photo via Norman Hardaker

The ship arrived at CORK in blustery conditions on the morning of the Wednesday 30th April 2014 after the short crossng from APPLEDORE. The ship is a great tribute to her bulders BABCOCK APPLEDORE shipyard.

A clay ship for CASTELLON SPAIN is due at BIDEFORD around the 12th May, and another During the first half of June.