Monday 12th May 2014

Weather affects ships two ships today arriving one tomorrow. UPDATED PM

A clay ship was fixed for Sunday afternoon at the end of last week - the EMS MAJESTIC ex Warren Point, but she went to shelter due to making no progress anchoring near FISHGUARD. Proceeding on a better forecast she arrived in BIDEFORD bay in the early hours of this morning. She will berth this afternoon at 1700 hrs at BIDEFORD and load on Tuesday and Wednesday for sailing on the Wednesday pm tide depending on draft/ High pressure.

mv BURGTOR also arrived in the bay in the night last night, and will also berth on this evenings tide at YELLAND at 1730 hrs. She will discharge on Tuesday and sail on the Tuesday pm tide.

The ABIS BILBAO (subs for prev announced sister ship) will now berth possibly on Tuesday evenings tide at APPLEDORE, ready to load steel sections for ROSYTH. She will sail on the pm FRiday tide.

The berth at Bideford has been levelled pending the arrival of the EMS MAJESTIC.

A sister ship to Abis Bilbao at Appledore.

mv EMS MAJESTIC arrived alongside BIDEFORD QUAY at 1705 hrs this evening.

Her Russian and Ukrainian crew were pleased to be in the centre of the town of BIDEFORD, especially after the rough trip from Ireland.

The ship was well kept and smart for her 18 years age, she steered well, even with engine stopped (minimum speed was just under 6 knots) and had a 'flap' rudder meaning that she can turn almost in her own length when stopped in the water. The bow thruster was not so powerful, but was unnecessary for swinging the ship. Pilot R .Hoad, assited by Michael Pryer, and Martin Foot for mooring at Bideford. Her draft was 3.2m in ballast. She will load 2,750 tonnes of Ball Clay for Spain.

mv BURGTOR followed the above ship into the estuary but turned to port at South Crow buoy for YELLAND. Her draft was 5.2m

Paul Gyurgyak, the relief Pilot swung the ship before the jetty, and berthed the loaded ship port side to. Her total mass was over 5,000  tonnes with her cargo on board. The cargo of two grades of stone chippings will be discharged tomorrow by JST mobile crane and she will sail at 1700 hours, after the ABIS BILBAO arrives in the estuary.

Boats crew for both Pilots were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman who boarded both Pilots safely, in rough seas and moderate swell at BIDEFORD BAR.

Ems Majestic Snuffy Dick Glover
Ems Majestic passes Snuffy photo Dick Glover
Ems Majestic approaches Bideford photo Martin Foot