Wednesday 14th May 2014


Ems Majestic Chief Officer Vadim Sumeika and Master Makhir Seidov
Ems Majestic departs Bideford Quay May 2014

Ems Majestic departed Bideford quay this evening coming afloat just a half an hour before high water. The Chief Officer and Master had calculated perfectly the trim of the ship such that she floated to her maximum draft of 4.7maft and 4.6m ford - a difficult task when a ship ompletes loadng aground.

She needed athwartship trimming to correct a port list which was quickly done by Michael Pryer TDC's crane driver.

The tide cut by 35 cms due to a high pressure of some 1035 mbs , the ship having just 20cms under her keel on departure from the berth, the berth having been prepared prior to the ships arrival. A couple of shallow patches in the river between Bideford and the new bridge, and at the turn by Appledore shipyard stirred up sand and mud somewhat, but not creating any difficulties within the channel. She will have an 8 day passage to Meditteranean CASTELLON to discharge her valuable cargo of 2770 tonnes of North Devon Ball clay.

Ems Majestic Master Makhir Seidov (Russian) andChief Officer Vadim Sumeika (LIthuanian)  with a crew of Ukrainian and a Latvian sailor.

The Chief Officer is due to go home from Castellon for a 2 or 3 month leave after working for 4 months every day aboard the ship.

The Master said that it was very unusual for his ship to go to the centre of the town as here in Bideford, making short shore excursions possible.

Photos kindly sent in will be uploaded tomorrow ref the different ships within the estuary.