Thursday 15th May 2014

Some photos from this week's shipping.

Ems Majestic Snuffy Dick Glover
Dick Glover's image of Ems Majestic
Ems Majestic inbound by Norman Hardaker
Martin Foots photo.
Ems Majestic by Colin Barrett
..Ems Majestic NormMay15
Norman Hardaker's photo of the ship at the Torridge Bridge
Burgtor The Pilot boards at Yelland Jetty The crew prepare ship. Martin Foot.
Norman's photo of the loaded Burgtor passing Braunton Burrows.
martin's photo of Burgtor sailing from Yelland.
Pilot Paul Gyurgyak disembark's Abis Bilbao at Middle Yard Appledore.
Abis Bilbao passes ahead of the outbound Burgtor near South Crow buoy.