SundayJune 1st 2014


mv CROWNBREEZE arrived at the Pilot Staion in BIDEFORD BAY this morning, and berthed just before high water at YELLAND QUAY.

Her Officers were Ukrainian, and her crew were Phillipino and all encountered spoke good English.

The ship manoevred well with her flap rudder and bow thrust available. She will load logs starting today and finishing tomorrow for the evening highwater. Her large hold can take up to 2500 tonnes of logs without the need to load on deck, and without taking additional ballast says her Master. Her draft on these now falling tides must be 5 metres or less. The ship is Dutch owned. Her icebreaker shaped forepart is distinctive.

He is keenly awaiting relief after 4.5 months aboard so that he may spend the summer with his wife and 8 year old son.

A large tree was towed in by the Pilot boat that was endangreing moored boats in the harbour.

Crownbreeze safely alongside ready to load her logs Photo R. Hoad
...Crownbreeze oil Jetty Norm June 2014
Crownbreeze passes Yelland ex oil jetty at 6 knots photo Norman Hardaker