Wednesday 9th July 2014


mv FRANCISCA was all fas alongside YELLAND QUAY port side to, at 0405 hrs. She arrived before dawn and the Pilot Roger Hoad boarded near the Bar buoy.

The ship steered well with minimum helm, minimum speed was 5 knots and half ahead was 9 knots. Visibility from the small bridge wings was good.

She was put port side to to facilitate sailing, and had a draught of 3.10 m max. She pulled up with no prop walk and had an efficient 55 degree 'flap' type rudder. Some issues were experienced with her bow thruster, which was otherwise powerfull. The North West wind assisted the berthing.

The Captain was pleasant, but tired after a prolonged period of 6 hours on and six hours off, coupled with a quick discharge in NEWPORT (fertilser from Poland) and an overnight short crossing from Wales. 

There wll be sufficient water to sail the ship from the am tide on Thursday, if she loads max 5 metres.

The ship was met by the female draught surveyor, and the JST crane. There was a huge pile of logs on the jetty, very high, and  longer than the ships hold.

Pilotboat Cewwere Thom Flaxman and Jon Pavitt helm.