Thursday 10th July 2014


mv FRANCISCA has sailed this morning at 0440 hrs. Her draught was 4.7m aft and 4.4m forward. She is loaded with nearly 2300 tonnes of logs all stowed under deck.

Her Captain and crew are Lthuanian, but he was born in Moldova. He says that his country is settled with no conflicts of its people.

The ship is owned by a Lithuanian company. After this cargo is landed at LUBECK in GERMANY, the ship will sail back down the KIEL CANAL to BREMEN where she will load grain and the Master will go home for a well deserved leave with his wife to Belorus.

Francisca arrives just before dawn
Huge log pile on jetty at Yelland photos Thom Flaxman
Yacht anchored in fairway. no lights.
Francisca clears port.
Pilot boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman returns to shore at 0600hrs

One of the photos shows a motor sailer that anchored in the middle of the fairway near Crow Point. Fortunatly she was spotted by the Pilot the afternoon previous and asked to move pending the night time ship arrival, which she did giving the ship more room. But she omitted to show any lights whatsoever, causing a hazard to her self and to the ship on her arrival.