Monday 14th July 2014

NORDSTERN arrives at YELLAND quay.

Nordstern going astern as she approaches the jetty near high water.Thom Flaxman.
... Pilot Boat ThomJly14
Two Rivers II heads back to Bideford. Thom Flaxman.
... NordsternJSTJettyJly14
JST crane arrives to start discharge of heavily laden Nordstern at Yelland Quay.

Nordstern arrived off port late last night/ early hours.

Pilot Boarded 0715, 5.6m A 5.4m ford. draft. Same Master as last year, Russian from North of Country. Arkangel.

Ship swung at downstream end of jetty, slight ebb light off jetty wind, bowthrusted her round and backed up to jetty.

 Discharge commenced as soon as hatches opened. Crane driver thinks 1600 hrs finish.

2000 hrs sailing  Light SW wind, calm sea low swell. crew John Pavitt& Thom Flaxman Pilot Roger Hoad.

The ship carried the same cargo to Yelland almost exactly a year ago. the cargo is two grades of stone totalling over 3,500 tonnes.

She has no orders as yet. PilotRogHoadboardsNordsternJly14
Baording was easy today Roger Hoad.