Monday 14th July 2014


mv NORDSTERN sails from YELLAND this evening. Photo Norman Hardaker

NORDSTERN sailed from Yelland Quay at 1950 hrs bound for anchor at Clovelly roads awaiting orders. She completed cargo discharge at about 1800 hrs or so.

As can be seen from the pictures her 18 feet six inch draft of the morning arrival fully loaded was now under 10 feet at the after end less at the forward end as she sailed in ballast, making for a long climb down and a wet arrival onboard the Pilot boat for the Pilot.! Winds were freshening South Westerly, with an overcast sky.

The master reports that the German owners have no orders for the ship concerning her next cargo, so she will go to anchor off CLOVELLY. He has a total crew of seven including himself, with a watchkeeping junior officer, a well as a Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2 deck hands, and a cook/ deck hand.

Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt and ex Arco Dart master Keith Stevens.

Whilst en route to Yelland North Devon Yacht Club did practice coming alongside manoevres with the clubs rescue boat, under the control of Thom Flaxman,Secretary and power boat instructor.