Friday 18th July 2014

Ships next month. Longer ships to Yelland?

Agents report that a clay ship will be due for Bideford in mid August for CASTELLON in Spain. Also that a log ship is due during the first week of August for YELLAND.

It is possible that the Russian Somorskiy class of vessel will be used for the logs. These are some 30 metres longer than existing common modern tonnage, and have a very reasonable draught for their load carrying ability.

They are twin screw with conventional twin rudders and a bow thruster. They are older ships designed to transit shallow Russian rivers as well as sea going, and hark back to a different era.

A stone ship is likely for YELLAND during August also, though no date has been fixed. It is possible that the Welsh Piper will also bring sand to YELLAND.

Appledore continues with sand imports to Bidna and to Evans Yard by the ARCO DART, though she is reportedly working off the south coast at present.

Babccok Appedore expect the next patrol vessel for the Irish Navy to be launched in November, providing valuable pilotage work for TDC. These 90 metre ships are state of the art, and fast.

Bideford Water Festival is on Sunday, and many events will be taking place at Bideford Quay for the entertainment of the public.

Porhov - a smaller (95m) but similar vessel to the Somorskiy class at Bideford Quay..