Thursday 7th August 2014 pm

Anne Dorte arrives at Yelland Quay

mv ANNE DORTE has arrived at YELLAND QUAY ready to load some 2500 tonnes of logs for Northern Germany. She berthed at 1540 hrs .

She is a modern 3 year old ship of high volume, and a longclimb to her wheelhouse. The TDC Pilot boat crew (Thom and Keith) skillfully  put Pilot Roger Hoad aboard near the Fairway buoy.

The ship encountered many yachts and dinghies during North Devon Yacht Clubs open racing week. All with the exception of two behaved well and kept clear of the ship which can only manoeuvre within the channel.

A gaffer called ADA and a laser dinghy cut close across the bows of the ship, in contravention of the steering and sailing rules, causing some unecessary stress for the Captain and Pilot. With the distinct possibility of a collision.

The ship will load during this afternoon and night, and should sail on the 1655 hrs tide Friday.

The Officers were Russian and crew were Phillipinos and all encountered were pleasant and spoke good English.

The draught surveyor was in attendance on arrival, and the JST crane ready to start with Euroforests hired in log transporters ready to start. the ship should complete during the night..