Sunday 10th August 2014


mv COUNTESS ANNA has arrived at BIDEFORD after discharging her cargo of scrap from HOLLAND at SWANSEA, yesterday.

Her crew of nine Russians who are from a small Russian Satellite state called Kaliningrad between Poland and Lituania,

 were very pleasant and spoke excellent English. The Captain thought the estuary was 'very beautiful'.

There are some travel restrictions in that state.

She will commence loading Ball Clay with the TDC loading crane driven by Mr Michael Pryer, at 0600 hrs tomorrow.

She is 80 metres long with an 11m beam, and will have a sailing draught of about 5 metres.

She picked up some old anchor cable whilst at anchor this morning, which will be untangled from her starboard anchor whilst she is alongside at BIDEFORD. There has been a lot of old cable lost off the Fairway buoy over the years, including anchors!

She will finish by Tuesday and sail on the evening tide for SPAIN (CASTELLON) with her valuable clay cargo. The crew are working hard to clean the hold from her previous scrap cargo.

Conditions were rough at sea, and Thom Flaxman and Keith Stevens ensured the Pilot R. Hoad got aboard safely, with the ships deckhand grabbing the Pilot as he mounted the ladder.. The wind was North West at 30 knots, with a rough sea and a moderate swell. It was possible to board the ship to seaward of the Middle Ridge buoy.

mv WELSH PIPER will now not load her sand cargo for YELLAND until tomorrow and her Master says that she will be here for the early am tide on Tuesday.