Tuesday 12th August 2014

Countess Anna sails from Bideford.

mv COUNTESS ANNA completed her loading of cargo and sailed for CASTELLON in Spain from BIDEFORD at 1920 hrs tonight. Her draught was 4.82m aft 4.79 ford.

She has loaded 2550 tonnes of BALL CLAY. The large Spring tide meant that she floated and was trimmed earlier than normal on the tide, sailing at 1920 hrs. The passage time to CASTELLON is 7 days and 8 hrs. at 9 knots, distance 1,579.8 nautical miles.

The Captain says that he enjoyed a walk ashore in BIDEFORD and thought that the town was very attractive, and enjoyed seeing the streets, people and cars.

Her snagged anchor cable was successfully removed by the crew from her starboard anchor, and landed ashore.

Sea conditions were moderate with a moderate to heavy swell and the Westward Ho ! wave buoy showing 2.2m waves.

The gap at CROW POINT was under water on this large Spring tide.