Sunday 14th Sept 2014

HELAS arrives at Yelland Quay.

Norman Hardaker's photo of HELAS in Appledore Pool.

mv HELAS has arrived at YELLAND QUAY berthing at 1030 hrs.

Her Russian Master, from Kalingrad reports that she had a fast passage from GLENSANDA where she loaded in 5 hours.

There is one other Russian aboard with the remainder being Ukrainian citizens. He says that all get along well and concentrate on ships business rather than politics.

She will sail at 2245 hrs on Monday evening for BIRDPORT, near NEWPORT in WALES where she will load steel coils for ANTWERP, BELGIUM.

The ship steers well, and is very manoevrable with her powerful two step bow thruster and flap rudder. She had some 3,100 tonnes of stone in 2 grades for NOTTS CONTRACTORS and the ship was met by Mr Kevin Davies from Notts and the agent Mr Steve Boyne MD of Pike Ward who also arranged the ship charter.

She will be discharged during Monday.