Friday 26th September 2014r

Yelland stone ships due.

A stone ship for YELLAND is due for  Monday 6th October arrival 0445 hrs tide.

She is called the CELTIC FORESTER and will bring some 3400 tonnes of stone in two grades direct from the quarry at GLENSANDA SCOTLAND.

A second stone ship is due a week later on Monday 13th October and is called the LADY ANNA.

Both cargoes are for the busy NOTTS CONTRACTORS whose plant is at YELLAND.

The MANNIN (a small crane equipped dredging vessel) returned to APPLEDORE earlier this week to re position the RNLI mooring buoy that she had previously checked and returned  to a different position causing difficulties for shipping and other river users.

The MANNIN had unusually previously called in to CLOVELLY to crane aboard the old RNLI inshore lifeboat launching trailer, and after her remedial work at APPLEDORE proceeded to ILFRACOMBE for an unknown task. She finally returned to PADSTOW which is her base on Wednesday.