Friday 3rd October 2014

Celtic Forester on way to the estuary.

mv CELTIC FORESTER is on her way to the estuary from GLENSANDA with stone, and will arrive early on the tides today at 1600 hrs when she will anchor off the estuary ready to enter the river on Monday at 0345 hrs when the tidal height will allow her 5.3m draught to be accomodated.

She will be discharged before the subsequent tide on Monday and will then sail to TEIGNMOUTH to load her next cargo.

A sister ship on a previous visit

Depths at the BAR have been somewhat reduced - possibly because of lack of rainfall.

Trinity House have done a quick survey and report reductions of up to a metre in depth.

This will not affect shipping since river transits and berths are shallower than the Bar ( not the case in all ports where the Bar is shallower than the corresponding river.)

It will affect lifeboat call outs and small craft movements, and is likely to make crossing the Bar in bad weather more difficult due to the shallow water and associated breaking seas.