Sunday October 5th 2014

Ship berths on earlier than expected tide.

mv CELTIC FORESTER berthed today at YELLAND QUAY jetty with a draught of 5.1m aft and 5.3m ford. She was alongside for high water 1615 hrs.

The tide made 20 cms over the in use tide tables prediction and reached a tide board reading of 6.3m. (6.1m predicted).

The ship was down by the head (Master reports a rapid load at GLENSANDA) but steered quite well. Sea conditions were slight sea and moderate swell.

She has two grades of stone onboard (3,500+ tonnes) for Notts Contractors (the jetty owners) who have ordered a second stone ship for the end of the tidal period.

mv CELTIC FORESTER will sail to TEIGNMOUTH next, departing on  Monday afternoons tide, where she will load 5 grades of Ball Clay for Aveiro, Portugal says her Master.

North devon Yacht Club had racing in the river, and boats were sailing well on the increasing winds from the South, both within the river Torridge and the River Taw.

The ship has added extra mooring lines in anticipation of  a gale at High Water tomorrow morning.