Sunday 12th October 2014

mv LADY ANNA arrives at the estuary

Lady Anna Oct14Normsea
Lady Anna enters the estuary - Norman Hardaker.
...Lady Anna Yell Oct14
Lady Anna passes Braunton Burrows - Norman Hardaker.

mv LADY ANNA arrived off the FAIRWAY BUOY early this morning and was met by TWO RIVERS II Pilot boat, crewed by Thom Flaxman and Keith Stevens who expertly put Pilot Roger Hoad aboard.

The ship is less than two years old and her Dutch Captain who is also the part owner of the 6 million pound ship, is accompanied by his wife (who cooks) and a Dutch mate. There is a Ukrainian trainee Mate also, and 3 Phillipino crew one of which is an engine rating.

A total of 7 persons, but can run with 6 as unusually there is no dedicated engineer officer.

Her master says that the ship is on time charter and is quite busy. She will discharge her 3500 tonnes in 2 grades of Scottish stone and sail to BIRD PORT on Monday departing Yelland  at 2145 hrs. Her Welsh cargo will be steel coils for AVEIRO in Portgal. The Captain and Mate are concerned at the weather conditions forecast in the bay for this cargo which is quite vulnerable to shifting in bad weather.

The ship is well equipped has a fully enclosed bridge and is designed as the maximum size for the Trollhaten canal and will fit into the locks there with just a few centimetres to spare each side says her Master.

She has a powerful bowthruster that sucks water from directly below the bottom (May be a problem in shallow water with debris) and a rudder that is effective to 40 degrees. Her bridge is comprehensively equipped with the latest electronics including ECDIS.

The master is short on some essential food supplies and will visit a local supermarket to stock up on Monday.