Monday 13th October 2014

Lady Anna sails.

mv LADY ANNA has sailed from YELLAND QUAY after discharging her cargo of stone which completed at 1600 hrs today.

She left the quay at 2135 hrs. and was bound for BIRDPORT near NEWPORT Wales for arrival at the Pilot station at 0900hrs. Her Master has just 50 miles to steam and will do so at slow speed so as to arrive on time.

The unusual configuration of the ship's wheelhouse with just one door on the starboard side, and fully enclosed bridge with a large amount of electronic gear makes close pilotage more difficult due to reflections from windows and numerous lit instruments at night.

The previously reported manning of just six crew in total was in error, as her Captain says that she can sail with a total of only 5 crew ie 2 bridge watchkeepers (six hours on and six off), and 3 General purpose crew!

For a 3700 tonne deadweight ship of nearly 90 metres this is very low indeed. However when the ship goes to Spain she must carry a third watchkeeping officer as the authorities there will not accept a 2 watch system.

She is not required to have a qualified engineer due to the power of her engine being less than 750 Kw.! However the Captain does have an additional engineering qualification.

She does not carry comprehensive paper charts other than electronic charts in two separate systems, that are supposed to have built in redundancy.

Conditions were good tonight with a light NW'y breeze and 1 metre sea.