Thursday 6th November 2014


mv FEHN COURAGE arrived at BIDEFORD berthing at 0455, from PORTBURY BRISTOL.

Her Russian Master spoke good English (as did the Cheif Mate) and came from the North of Russia near Finland where he reports that winter snow has arrived (he has been on board for just a few weeks).

The ship is just 4 years old, very manoevrable with twin rudder, and with a good U shaped bridge consul, though engine controls and steering etc could be better placed. She was built in China.

Her air draft was 22 metres clearing Torridge bridge by 2 metres.

TDC crane driver Michael Pryer with Evans Transport assisting will load the ship with 2375 tonnes of Ball Clay from SIBELCO at PETERSMARLAND quarry.

Sea conditions were calm, and visibility good with a full moon and partly cloudy sky.

She will finish loading on Friday and sail on the 1758 High Water. (approx 30 mins before HW.)