Friday 7th November 2014

Friday 7th November 2014

Mv FEHN COURAGE has sailed from BIDEFORD QUAY at 1720 hours this evening floating early on the tide with her draft of just 4.3 metres.

She required little trimming, and sailed at dusk with fresh WNW  winds and rain showers. Visibility was good between rain showers. Sea conditions were rough for the Pilot departure. (R. Hoad) Crew were Thom Flaxman and John Pavitt on the helm.

The ship's  crew were  from  Russia (Master )and the Ukraine (the 6 other crew.)

Her passage time was 8 days weather permitting, but her Master was a little concerned about the bad weather expected in the Bay of Biscay especially.

She had loaded 2375 tonnes of Petersmarland Ball Clay in two grades, and was loaded to her marks with a full cargo.

Her Captain who was nearing retirement was pleased to have spoken with his wife in northern Russia today with temperatures at home of -8 deg C and plenty of snow.