Sunday 23rd November 2014

le JAMES JOYCE is floated successfully out of the dock.

Norman Hardakers image of James Joyce awaiting the dock flooding.

le JAMES JOYCE has been successfully floated out of BABCOCK APPLEDORE drydock onto the fitting out berth at the Middle Yard Appledore.

Tugs WILLANNE from Williams shipping was at the stern together with the LUNDY PUFFIN. Weather conditions were excellent with a light northerly wind and it was a clear night.

The ship had electrical power with powerful search lights.

TDC Pilots Roger Hoad and Paul Gyurgyak conned the ship out of the dock after dark this evening. The shipyard crew soon had the ship let go from the covered yard when the required clearance over the cill was available about 25 mins before high tide.

The ship was towed out sternfirst down the yard approach channel, and swung in the river, before being towed to the fitting out berth.

She was alongside and all fast soon after high water. Her propellors are the deepest part of the ship, and she has stabiliser fins protruding either side of the hull.

TDC Pilot boat Two Rivers II illuminated the relavant marks, and boarded and landed the Pilots to the shjip, via the LUNDY PUFFIN.

The shipyard indicated that she was farther advanced at launch than the last sister ship. A representative from the Irish Navy and the shipyard say that she will be ready for sea trials at the end of February.

The next in the series is soon to be under construction, after a large barge is brought into the shipyard to load some huge aircraft carrier sections for ROSYTH that are ready.