Thursday 27th November 2014

SORMOVSKIY 3058 arrives in fog.

SORMOVSKIY 3058 emerges from a fog bank prior to boarding her Pilot.

mv SORMOVSKIY 3058 arrived at the TAW & TORRIDGE Pilot station early this morning in dense fog after a fast passage from St Malo where she had unloaded sawn timber of some sort.

The fog cleared as high water passed, and the TDC Pilot brought the ship into the estuary, arriving at YELLAND JETTY an hour after high water. Her draft was 3.6 m aft and she is the longest ship ever to have come to the Taw or Torridge rivers to load or discharge cargo at just under 120 metres ( 396 feet). (Most ships are 90 metres.)

The ship is from an earlier era when crews were large, and her accomodation was extensive. Nowadays she runs on a minimal crew of 13 persons which includes two cadets. All persons are from RUSSIA.

The ship has triple rudders the Captain reports, and twin screws she steered well as we came in against the fast Spring ebb at full speed making a maximum speed of 7 knots at times. Since the ship arrived on a falling tide and with strong currents, she was berthed starboard side to at the jetty, which will make departure slighly more problematic. Her bow thruster of 60 kw is quite low powered for such a size ship.

After her draft survey she commenced loading with the JST crane late morning. At 1615 hours two holds were fully loaded. She has two more to load and deck cargo.

Sailing could be on tomorrow mornings tide (0954) at the earliest, depending on how late the ship is able to work.

Relief pilot Paul Gyurgyak accompanied Pilot Roger Hoad on a familiarisation trip, with John Pavitt helming the pilot boat with Thom Flaxman.

Viv Llewellyn - a Mission to Seafarers ship visitor from Southampton boarded the ship when she was berthed with 15 wooly hats for the crew.