Friday28th November 2014

Sormovskiy 3058 longest ship sails from Yelland.

Sormovskiy3085 after swinging off Yelland jetty photo Paul Jury

mv SORMOVSKIY 3058 has loaded her cargo of some 2600 tonnes of local Spruce logs for Wismar in Northern German Baltic at YELLAND QUAY.

She is the longest vessel at 120 metres (400 feet) to carry cargo from the estuary. She loaded her logs supplied by EUROFOREST during yesterday and continued during the night till finish at about 0300 hrs.

Her crew then lashed the cargo on deck (most was below deck in the holds) during the night and morning. On refloating this morning she had a draft survey conducted by a lady from a south west surveying company to determine the weight of cargo loaded.

The Captain ordered the Pilot who attended with the ship sailing at about 0920 hrs when she made a 360 degree turn in the river with fresh east winds. Her bow thruster being of a less powerful design, was assisted by using her twin screws in opposition to slowly make the turn at the optimum state of tidal flow - just before high water.

She left the estuary in sunny, daylight conditions for her voyage via the Kiel canal in Germany. Her speed is about 8 knots.

The crew were preparing for Christmas and new year on board and had several christmas trees.

Russian crewman was proud of his tree and showed us as we were getting off.

The draft of  the ship was just 4m etres maximum at the after end - which is incredibly low but due to her 14m beam and 120m length. She is built for the Russian waterways.

Norman Hardaker's image of the ship passing Braunton Burrows.