Tuesday 9th December 2014

ms OLDENBURG Back from drydock and has been to supply LUNDY for Christmas.


ms OLDENBURG was loaded on Monday by the TDC Harbour crane (Mike Pryer driver) with essential cargo for LUNDY including  bags of animal feed, Christmas food supplies, building materials, Christmas trees etc etc.

Her liferafts were also re positioned, ready for use after having been serviced.

She had just returned from drydock at Sharpness, when engineering works were carried out, as well as repainting of the hull.

She sailed just after seven this morning, and has unloaded all her cargo onto the island. With the constant  numbers of visitors travelling to Lundy by helicopter these supplies are essential, the ship being the vital supply link in winter and passenger link in summer.

Her Captain today was Paul Gyurgyak, who has experienced strong winds and moderate seas after a large wind shift during the night. As this is written (1745 hrs) she is on her way over Bideford Bar back to the Quay. Stronger winds are forecast for the coming days, so it will be particularly satisfying for the crew to have delivered the cargo and for the islanders especially.