Sunday 4th January 2015

FRI LAKE completes cargo discharge and sails.

mv FRI LAKE has had her 3,365 tonnes of Scottish stone discharged by JST crane and Notts Contractors lorries delivered it the short distance to the storage area today starting soon after 6 am this morning, and finishing in good time for this evenings tide.

The pilot boat delivered the pilot to the ship at YELLAND QUAY for the 1645 sailing at dusk. Her draught was 2.8m aft and 1.3m forward with a slight starboard list (3 m stbd midships). The moderate south easterly wind blew the ship off the jetty after the ropes were let go, and she proceeded to sea in the last of the daylight.

As the ship was carrying minimum ballast, the pilot ladder was long. The Master says that he is due to pick up the SHARPNESS pilot at 0330 hrs in the morning for the passage to the dock where she will load Barley over two days. The crew will clean her hold ready for the next cargo. She will then sail to HAMBURG with the barley.

Fri Lake View from the bridge
Fri Lake inbound approaching the berth. Note fresh water line to starboard.