Thursday 22nd January 2015

Fehn Mirage sails this morning. for Castellon.

motor vessel FEHN MIRAGE has sailed from BIDEFORD QUAY this morning at 0650 hrs. Her final draught was 4.85m ford and 4.9m aft.

The ship was swung at high water using the bow thruster and stern line.

She has 2,770 tonnes of ball clay in two grades and is bound for CASTELLON in southern SPAIN. (Mediterranean). with a passage time of 8 days.

Her crew of 7 were Russian and Ukrainian and the Captain said that the weather forecast for his voyage was good. They had had a very rough passage down channel from Holland taking a week to dos so, prior to his last port of Avonmouth. The ship had to turn back at one stage to pump out and re secure openings to the vessels anchor lockers.

Fehn Mirage alongsideJan15
Doug Saunders photo of the ship alongside the quay.

Fehn mirage alongside bid QuayJan15
Norman Hardaker's photo of her alongside the quay.

Fehn Mirage sails
norman Hardakers photo of Fehn Mirage swinging across the river.