Friday 27th February 2015

le James Joyce on schedule to sail. ms OLDENBURG sails to LUNDY today.


ms OLDENBURG has sailed for one of her occasional winter cargo supply runs to LUNDY.

Torridge District Council crane loaded cargo onto her after deck yesterday (Mike Pryer crane driver), including 1 tonne bags of farm or building materials.

Her Captain was Paul Gyurgyak.

She will return late this evening.


le JAMES JOYCE is on schedule to sail next Wednesday 0546 hrs tide for 5 days sea trials. Her trials Captain will be Jerry Waller from ms Oldenburg and her Chief Engineer (trials) will be Steve Roberts ms Oldenburg's regular chief Engineer.

High spring tides have caused much debris coming downriver, and some boats left on winter moorings, have lifted there sinkers or broken free and drifted up and down river.

Meetings continue at the shipyard with Henry Abrams logistics co ordinators, insurance representatives, Naval reps etc and TDC Pilot ref the arrival and loading of the large barge for the 24th March arrival.