Thursday 5th March 2015

Irish Naval ship sails.

Picking up Pilot R Hoad
John Pavitt & Thom Flaxman approach to pick up the Pilot.

le JAMES JOYCE has sailed for the very first time from Babcock Appledore shipyard.

She had a shipyard crew onboard, assisted by the Irish Naval crew that will ultimately take over the ship after her acceptance trials.

The high atmospheric pressure caused a 40cm reduction in tidal height today, but with calm and settled conditions.

The ship under the command of Jerry Waller was piloted to sea by Roger Hoad. The shipyard employed Chief engineer was Steve Roberts.

The ship came off the berth very slowly, with the assitance of the Williams shipping tug Will Anne, and the Lundy Puffin, with very little clearance over the mud.

The ship handled extremely well, and all functions worked perfectly including powerful bowthrust, rudders, engines etc etc. She steered perfectly with just 10 degrees of helm at dead slow speed.

A compass adjuster was aboard to check the compasses when she was at sea (swing the compass).

Once again the ship is a tribute to the skills of the shipyard staff, and her designers and technical gear built elswhere.

She is scheduled to return to Appledore next Monday evening, after her trials.