Friday 13th March 2015

Clay ship for Bideford.

Mike EastmanmodelshipMar15
Michael Eastman shipping enthusiast has made a model of ANTILOPE a 1963 built ship.
..Antilope model

Bideford is expecting a ship next Tuesday morning (0253 tide) for loading ball clay at the quay during Tuesday and Wednesday, for sailing on Thursday. She is called mv MARLEY and is currently in NEWPORT Wales.

She will sail to CASTELLON in SPAIN, with over 2,500 tonnes of valuable clay loaded by TDC rehandler crane.

The large barge expected for the covered yard to load aircraft carrier sections, is scheduled to arrive for the 24th March 0829 hrs tide from Norway. She will sail again on the 3rd April.

James Joyce nameplateriver
le James Joyce will sail next week

A public exhibition of a housing development at the old YELLAND power station plant was shown last Wednesday.

The plans include space for an industrial area, with access for cargo maintained past the housing development.