Thursday 3rd May 2012

Vasiliy Shukshin, Baltiyskiy-202, Cassiopaeia. Drifting small cuddy boat, wreck inspection.

Vasiliy Shukshin will will complete tomorrow am with approx 180 tonnes of clay to give a fresh water draught of 4.9 metres. (Salt water will float her 10cms higher than fresh!).

She will therefore sail on Sunday am tide at 0600hrs.

Baltiyskiy-202 has loaded over a thousand tonnes of logs filling more than one of her two holds starting at 1300hrs today. She will complete tomorrow by about 1300 hrs. Finishing now at 2000 hrs. She will then lash her deck cargo (4-5 hours says Master) and be ready to sail on the early tide on Saturday (Depart 0515 hrs or the evening slightly higher tide at 1730 hrs.) 

mv Cassiopeia is due in Bideford Roads on Friday ready to berth when one of ships sails.

A small boat with a cuddy was rescued by the HM found drifting downriver now at Bideford quay and all pumped out. Please ring 01237 475834 or email harbour master.

A Midlands Company today inspected the wrecks on TDC leased land with a view to scrapping them.