Harbour Updates Pre 2012

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Monday 16th January 2012 FLINTERBIRKA sailed at 2030 hrs on Friday last with a draught of 4.2m aft and 4m ford. 2065 tonnes Spruce logs. The Dutch Captain gave a passage time of 3.5 days (via Kiel Canal) . The vessel had no paper charts two electronic systems instead, and state of the art bridge. She had to shift cargo to trim and fill her forepeak tank prior to sailing. The JST crane returned to Ayr overnight. Euroforest are restocking the cattlemarket ready for another ship before the end of the month.

Friday 13th January 2012 CELTIC VENTURE sailed with a draught of 4.5m even keel, after some trimming of cargo at 0710hrs on Thursday 12th Jan pilot P. Gyurgyak High atmospheric pressure had cut the tide by half a metre and a reduction in her cargo had to be made. She is bound for Castellon in Mediterranean Spain 7 or 8 days passage. Whilst in Bideford she underwent fire training and had her oxygen bottles replenished by a local company. she took bunkers via tanker lorry, and loaded 20 tonnes of fresh water for on board use. mv FLINTERBIRKA arrived alongside at 1950hrs on Thursday and proved to be a very manoevrable ship with a very large and deep hold with a low bridge. She has a Dutch Master working 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off, a Russian Chief Engineer and a Fillipino crew commenced loading at 0600hrs this morning and a smaller than usual JST crane loaded her with 2065 tonnes of logs in under twelve hours. She is due to sail this evening on a draught of 4.2metres at 2020 hrs. for WISMAR, Germany. Flinterbirka
Kieren Hewins' photo of mv FLINTERBIRKA (c)
 Tuesday 10th January 2012 mv FLINTERBIRKA has been delayed in her port of discharge, DRGHEDA and is now giving an ETA of Thursday pm tide. mv CELTIC VENTURE commenced loading 3 grades this morning of Ball Clay for CASTELLON Spain. This is her first visit to Bideford - she is the maximum air draft for the Torridge Bridge, says relief Pilot Paul Gyurgyak.Celtic Venture
mv CELTIC VENTURE at Bideford Photo (c) Peter Jones

Friday 6th January 2012  mv CELTIC VENTURE now due Sunday pm tide to load 3 grades of clay for CASTELLON 2875 tonnes. Also mv FLINTERBIRKA due 11th to load logs for WISMAR. Huge 9 tonne tree lifted out by Harbour staff today.

Friday 23rd December 2011 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! The log store at Bideford Cattle Market is nearly full ready for one or more shipments in January 2012. A Spanish Clay ship is due at the same time as the Log ship. The scrapping project of the wrecks at Appledore has suffered a set back and will be delayed. TwoShips
Loading Logs and Clay at Bideford 2011 two sister ships 3000t DWT
Tuesday 13th Log ship for this month now looks to be postponed until January due non availability of suitable well placed ships. Castellon clay ship due for early January Spring tides - this will be the first to Spain for some months. The river is in spate with much debris rushing out towards the sea and getting lodged amongst moored boats. The Harbour crane has lifted some out of the river. The historic  vessel John Adams partly broke her moorings this morning. It is hoped that work carried out today by the owner, his son and a friend will enable her to swing back onto her mooring this evening. HM with boat is on stand by in case of assistance request. The great volume of water will clear channels all the way downriver out to the bar. The Westward Ho! data buoy is showing 4.5m ave seas with high of nearer to 6m. Wind 35k WSW at 1630. Co ordinating Moves to scrap vessels by HM on Crown land near to appledore shipyard are moving on swiftly, with the hope that three will be removed to Richmond drydock and cut uo within the next month or so, subject to EA satisfaction etc.  December  Monday 28th November 2011 mv ABIS BORDEAUX sails at 0640 this morning from Appledore Shipyards Middle Yard.Loading was delayed during Sunday by strong winds. She is due at ROSYTH on 1st December. Pilot Paul Gyurgyak, boat crew J.Pavitt and S. Perham. Friday 25th November 2011 Valentin Pikul sails at 1705 hrs 4.7m aft 4.5m ford. Full ballast with 2512 tonnes total Spruce logs (569 tonnes on deck). This is her first log load since having her hatches raised by 1.5 metres. Good crew Chief Officer and Master.Capt&Cook
Captain & Cook after shopping in Bideford. (Russian)

Thursday 24th November 2011 1812 hrs Valentin Pikul will complete loading at approx 1915hrs. Master has requested a Pilot at 1700 hrs tomorrow. mv Abis Bordeaux berthed at 1630hrs port side to at Appledore Shipbuilders Middle Yard. (Last port was Brest)  Loading of logs commences in Bideford Harbour at 0600hrs by JST crane services supervised by Euroforest. mv Abis Bordeaux is giving an ETA of 0800hrs at Bideford Bay Pilot Station. She will berth at 1630hrs at the Middle Yard Appledore to load steel aircraft carrier sections for ROSYTH, sailing on the pm tide on Sunday next.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011 mv VALENTIN PIKUL berths on schedule at 0330hrs. Weather calm, visibility good but no moon or low cloud to reflect lights so river very dark.This ship has been modified with higher hatch coaming to accomodate more cargo in holds, and greater allowable draught.Captain was last here in Junehe says. Will commence loading on Thursday at 0600hrs when JST log crane arrives. Excellent all Russian crew, with female cook. (10). Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011  mv Valentin Pikul anchors West of the Fairway buoy at 1600hrs approx and will be ready for Pilot boarding at 0200hrs. She will lay over until Thursday am tide when she will load logs for WISMAR. sailing on Friday am or pm tide. mv ABIS BORDEAUX has been delayed at BREST (berth availability) and will arrive at Appledore on Thursday pm or Friday am tide.

Friday18th November 2011 mv ABIS BORDEAUX specialist and bulk cargo carrying forward accomodation vessel is returning to Appledore Shipyard to load more air craft carrier sections for ROSYTHETA PM tide on Wednesday next - likely to be the same tide as mv Valentin Pikul She has loaded Animal feed at ROUEN for BREST and will sail from there on Tuesday PM tide. VALENTIN PIKUL came from the BALTIC and went (Unusually) through the PENTLAND FIRTH en route to DROGHEDA (ETA Sat pm tide). Bideford Harbour and the District Pilotage Statutory Services have reported to Councillors that they are in surplus making them profitable after the downturn of the recession, largely due to winning the new log trade to the Baltic. Clay has slowly improved being on forecast. Exports to Spain are very slow, but Finland is the main destination. Wednesday 9th November 2011 mv VALENTIN PIKUL is due from Drogheda on approx 23rd November to load roundwood logs for Wismar, Germany.  Clay shipments are quiet this month. Tuesday 25th Oct 2011 mv BALTIYSKIY sailed at 1700hrs with a record load from Bideford of 2620.43 tonnes of roundwood Spruce logs. on a draught of 4.6m aft and 4.45m ford. She commenced taking on further ballast on entering deeper water at Appledore for the voyage. mv BALTIYSKIY 202 completed loading at 1930hrs on Monday . She is sailing at 1645 hrs today and has loaded a (record) 2620 tonnes of roundwood Spruce logs. She has lashed her deck cargo of 700 tonnes, and is taking fresh water for the 5 day voyage. The river is benefitting from a large amount of rainwater helping to clear channels after the heavy rain of yesterday. Mr Derek Barnes of East the Water has spotted an Otter yesterday evening in the river. Balt202NormOct11
Swinging close to quay near longbridge Sat 22nd oct '11 (c) Norman Hardaker
Saturday 22nd October mv BALTIYSKIY 202 berths at 1420hrs swinging in the river with a draught of 3.0m tide made 4m (predicted 4.2m) Berth height is 0.6 above datum at present with minimum width of river to swing a 90m vessel giving 40cms clearance on berth, but less across the river as she swung, 12m off quay. Crew pleased to be alongside with Master having 2 more trips before leave. Tide slack during swing with fresh SSE'ly wind.Vessel to load logs on Monday at 0600hrs sailing Tuesday am is the plan.   Friday 21st October 2011 mv BALTIYSKIY 202 missed the tide last Wednesday (by 1 hour!) having been delayed in |Cork by rain. She will now berth at 1430 hrs on Saturday 22nd October having been anchored off the port since Wednesday - this being the first possible tide that she can berth. It is planned to load her on Monday commencing at 0600hrs with logs for WISMAR. The JST crane will arrive on Sunday. PM.She will sail early on Tuesday morning or possibly Tuesday evening. The Cattle Market has nearly two ship loads of logs in store. Thursday, 13 October 2011    rms Lagona sails at 1905 hrs with max 3.8m draught aft. will arrive at Moerdijk on Sunday am and lay till Monday to discharge says Captain - she will possibly then go to Norway he says. He says that Moerdijk is a purely industrial area that has been built up over the last 2 years to a huge complex. mv Baltiskiy 202 is now due for the last of these tides next Tuesday or Wednesday morning, from Cork very early and ready to load logs for WISMAR. She is likely to sail on Tuesday 25th October when the logs will be ready. Coxswain tonight on Pilot Boat was S. Perham from Clovelly, and G. Stanbury Appledore lifeboatman. Pilot R. Hoad. Calm, clear conditions in contrast to this mornings drizzle and moderate visibility. mv ARCO DART arrived this morning to discharge her cargo of sea dredged sand at Evans Yard Appledore.

Rms Lagona arrives at 0705hrs alongside. German Master Ukrainian and Russian crew - working language onboard is English. Excellent ship, single screw with twin rudders and propeller nozzle. Master says that vessel can go as far as Dussledorf or so up the river Rhine depending on the available water in the river (which has not been good lately). She can lower her foremast and bridge to have an air draft of 6.7m minimum, but can't see out of the bridge windows then! (Has camera on the forecastle). She turns within her own length by going ahead on the engine. Her sailing draught will be approx 3.8m with this parcel of clay for Holland, 1700 tonnes with two sample one tonne bags also. She can load 2500 tonnes with a very reasonable draught. Has excellent river radar - which is much clearer and detailed at short ranges and a useful rate of turn indicator. Two fully integrated Pilot stations with all necessary controls to hand. 88 metres long with an 11.41m beam. Steers and manoeuvres extremely well. Pilot R Hoad boat crew J Pavitt & P Gyurgyak. She will sail at 1845 hrs. Making her vist to the UK very quick and efficient after arriving at Newport early yesterday morning, discharging her steel coilsduring yesterday and sailing overnight arriving here early for a one day load and sailing tonight.!

https://picasaweb.google.com/102359595948036047658/BidefordShipping02?feat=email to see Alexander Grin swinging fully loaded by Colin & ursula Barrett.

Tuesday 11th October 2011 mv ALEXANDER GRIN sailed at 1735 hrs on Monday with 2200 t of Ball Clay for Naantali. She was swung fully loaded due to restrictions in tide height on arrival, the river being just wide enough at present, with this height of tide for swinging loaded. rms LAGUNA due for Thursday am tide to load Ball Clay 1700 tonnes + 2 x 1 tonne bagged samples for Moerdijk, Holland. (Possible new trade?). She is at present  bound for Newport with steel, ETA 0400 hrs Wednesday. Log ship due for around the 24th October. Thursday 6th October 2011 mv ALEXANDER GRIN was boarded in rough seas at the Middle Ridge Buoy and Piloted up the river Torridge at slow speed due to a small tidal height and a 20cm cut (Made 3.8m on Bid datum). Her draft was 3 metres aft and she cleared all banks on the run upriver at very slow speed. There was insufficient water to swing off Bideford quay, and the attempt was abandoned and she was put starboard side to.The ship last called here in June but the Master and crew had been changed and it was the Masters first visit to Bideford. He was pleased to be in the centre of the 'City'. All of the 10 crew are Russian. She will load 2200 tonnes and have a draft of 4 metres sailing on Monday evenings tide at 1730hrs. Wednesday 5th October. mv Alexander Grin has anchored off Bideford awaiting sufficient height of tide to enter on Thursday afternoons tide. She will load on Friday - with North Devon Clay, and on Monday with South Devon blended clay, to sail to Naantali, Monday evening. Her last port was Sharpness. A smaller vessel is also due (not yet nominated) to load 1200 tonnes of Ball Clay for Holland.

Friday 30th September 2011 VasShukSep11
Vasiliy Shukshin passes the Lifeboat courtesy John Eccles Photography (c)
Vasiliy Shukshin Sep11
Vasiliy Shukshin Swings slowly to port at High Water (c) Norman Hardaker
mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN sails at 0830 hrs, after waiting for high water as she was unable to spring off the quay with the southeasterly wind. She then swung slowly to port as the flood tide eased off using the bow thruster, and proceeding swiftly downriver on the (large) ebb tide and is due in Wismar Eastern Germany in 5 days time. She carried a record load for this class of ship loading roundwood logs at Bideford of 2508 tonnes (The previous best  load for this class of ship was 2414 tonnes.) The mv ROSEBURG loaded 2539 tonnes on a draft of 4.9metres back in May. The Vasiliy Shukshin draft being 4.6m aft 4.47m mid and 4.3m forward showing her good load carrying abilities with a reasonable draft. The ship commenced loading at 0609hrs on Thursday and completed at 1820hrs Thursday evening with a good co operation between Euroforest and their mainly private local lorry drivers, Pike Ward agency co ordinating the Masters requirements for loading, and TDC Harbour staff. Two clay vessels are due on October 10th tides - one to Naantali (2200 tonnes), and one to Moerdijk (1400 tonnes). Next log ship will be towards the end of October. AbisBordeauxCarole
Abis Bordeaux passing Appledore opposite Instow by Carole LLoyd (c)
MV Abis Bordeaux sails at 1945 hrs for ROSYTH with steel sections for the aircraft carrier project. A large barge shipment is planned for February next. Abis Bordeaux
Abis Bordeaux swings opposite Westleigh ready to berth downstream at Middle Yard Photo (c) Norman Hardaker
Thursday 29th Sept 2011 1846 hrs Vasiliy Shukshin Ship completesat 1820 hrs 2508.07 tonnes logs. She will sail at 0730 hrs for WISMAR 5 days passage. JST crane came from CARLISLE and will go next to GOOLE or passibly PEMBROKE. ms OLDENB

URG berths at Bideford.0715hrs JST mobile crane rig arrives last night approx 2200hrs.

mv 28th September 2011 mv ABIS BORDEAUX berths at the Miiddle Yard Appledore on Tuesday evening tide. The vessel turned off the covered shipyard, before berthing port side to. The Pilot was Paul Gyurgyak (ex ABP UK wide maintenance dredger Captain) and the Captain of the ship was a Dutchman who was also a dredger Captain helping to build the Hong Kong airport runway extension. She is due to sail on Friday PM tide to Rosyth. Mv Vasiliy Shukshin arrived at the Fairway buoy 15 mins after High Water POB at 1940 Alongside at 2035 HW 1914 6.7m Strong ebb plenty of water. Draught 2.95m approx. Berthed starboard side to. Pilot Roger Hoad. Log loading will commence at 0600hrs with completion expected during the evening, with lashing overnight and sailing on the morning tide on Friday AGW. She will sail to Wismar Germany - 5 days passage. Captain says that he loaded a cargo in St Petersburg Russia and had a 7 day voyage to St Malo saying that the passage was 'a long one' and that before 'Perostroika' the ships would sail through the Kiel canal - saving time (but not money!). Chief Officer commented that because of the quick loading he would not have time to see the 'beautiful city' (of Bideford). She is the second ship to sail between St Malo and Bideford between two tides - several have missed the tide.

Baltiyski 201 & Konstantin Paustovskiy at Bideford (c) Roger Hoad
Above are the record breaking two longest ships to berth at Bideford simultaneously, loading over 5214 tonnes of cargo. Friday 23rd September 2011 mv ABIS BORDEAUX is now due for next Tuesday PM tide to load steel sections at Appledore middle yard for the new aircraft carrier construction in ROSYTH she will take 3 days to load sailing for Friday PM tide. mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN is now due for Wednesday pm or more likely Thursday am tide next. She will load on Thursday 29th sailing on Friday morning 30th AGW. mv OLDENBURG came in early on the tide today from Ilfracombe to load delicate solar panels and water (There is a shortage on LUNDY (bath plugs have been confiscated for visitors!) and sailed half an hour later for Lundy and finally back to Ilfracombe. Wednesday 14th Sept 2011 mv KONSTANTIN PAUstovskiy sails at 0712 hrs clearing Bar at 0815hrs. Seas have moderated and she is set to round Lands end in about 12hours time with her vulnerable large timber deck cargo, which was well lashed with wires and timber uprights.Draught 4.4m cargo 2414 tonnes of Spruce logs. mv Oldenburg arrives from Ilfracombe to load cargo and receive a new generator exhaust. Cattle Market being resupplied with logs for next log cargo at the end of this month. Konstantin PaustovskiySep11
Konstantin Paustovskiy leaves Bideford quay this morning - photo (c) Norman Hardaker
 Tuesday 13th September 2011 mv BALTIYSKIY 201 sails at 1857 hrs for LOVISA draught max 4.57m midships less ford and aft (vessel sagged slightly). Rough but moderating seas at Bar. ms Oldenburg due am tide Wednesday to load Lundy cargo sailing on Thursday am tide. mv Konstantin Paustovskiy shifts to allow other craft to move off Oldenburg's berth ready for morning.[The Russian ship sails at 0710hrs tomorrow. Monday 12th September 2011 mv Konstantin Paustovskiy completes loading at 1800 hrs. approx. with 2412 tonnes of spruce logs.with draft of 4.4m. mv Baltiyski 201 completes at approx 1500hrs with 2820 tonnes of ball clay draft 4.57 max even keel. Master awaits improvement in sea conditions and will sail at 1900 hrs on Tuesday evening. The log ship sails at 0710 on Wednesday 14th. on request of owners, due to its large deck cargo. sea conditions in the Bristol channel were 17' seas towards the Welsh Coast near Milford, with 4 metre + seas off Westward Ho!. Next log ship due in two weeks. The JST crane was returning overnight to Ayr overnight. She had previously loaded scrap at Grimsby, glass somewhere else, then discharged scrap at Cardiff from another ship, before loading logs at Bideford. Leaving Bideford at 1945hrs. The quay was swept by TDC staff this evening, half the car park will open for the morning.

Friday 9th September. Mv Konstantin Paustovskiy berths at 1715 hrs Good ship good crew. Backed into tight gap well. Loading logs at 0600hrs.. Monday next. Mv BALTIYSKIY 201 berths at Bideford 0510 hrs. 3.1m draft. Vessel re anchored so delay in heaving up. Good efficient crew, master speaks excellent English. Starts loading Ball clay at 0630hrs. Completion Monday. This vessel has been modified to carry over 3000 tonnes cargo when tide height allows. mv KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKIY berthing at 1700 hrs AGW. Thursday 8th September BALTISKIY 201 ETA 2300hrs to berth on the am tide tomorrow at 0445 hrs to load BALL CLAY for LOVISA, Finland up to 3000 tonnes.mv KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKIY is due for the pm tide tomorrow to load 2300 tonnes of spruce logs for WISMAR in Eastern Germany. The previous Bideford shipment having just arrived at Wismar. Two 90m ships will be alongside the quay. Clay ship will load Friday and Monday, and the timber ship will load during Monday. Bad weather has slightly delayed both vessels.

Monday 5th September 2011 mv Konstantin Paustovskiy (not Leonid Leonov as previously reported.) is due to sail from Rochefort in the Bay of Biscay on Tue PM tide and mv BALTISKIY 201 is also due to sail from Honfleur the same evening both for BIDEFORD to load Logs (Monday next load) and Ball clay (Friday & Monday load) respectively

. Euroforset private log lorries are busy restocking the Cattle market ready for loading.

Kathleen & May photo John Pavitt

Friday 2nd September 2011 mv BALTIYISKIY 202 sails from Bideford at 0900 hrs having loaded her cargo of Roundwood Logs for WISMAR in Eastern Germany. Cargo total was 2215 tonnes. Her draft was 4.7m aft and 3.6m ford and she was still pumping out ballast water. The ship was not in her best looking condition, and last visited Bideford in April of this year with a different crew. Another photo of her departure is available on marinetraffic .com The JST crane left load scrap at CARDIFF at 2130hrs last night. Kathleen & May is at BARRY having sailed from Liverpool to Gloucester for a few days on show. John Pavitt conned her down the Berkeley Canal from Gloucester to Sharpness on Wednesday last, and her Skipper brought her to Barry. K&M Has had a busy time up at Liverpool, Bristol, Gloucester and now Barry before returning to the comfortable preserved dock at Liverpool. LATEST mv BALTISKIY 201 is fixed to arrive at BIDEFORD on the 8th September to load BALL CLAY for LOVISA FINLAND. Also mv LEONID LEONOV is due on the weekend of the 10th Sept to load logs for WISMAR. Thursday 1st SepBaltiyskiy202a
Bltiyskiy 202 sails for Wismar by Norman Hardaker (c)
tember 2011 Jan V sailed last evening at 1915hrs for CARDIFF to load steel for BELFAST mv BALTIYSKIY 202 berths at 0845hrs starts loading at 0916hrs with JST crane logs for WISMAR she is scheduled to sail at 0900hrs Friday morning AGW. 2100 hrs vessel completes loading approx 2216 tonnes logs. JST crane is now departing (2100) hours for Cardiff to load another ship. The crane rig is one of 19 owned by JST of AYR and they travel throughout Europe on occasions to load or unload ships. This particular crane having loaded a ship in Ireland, and travelled to Spain by Ferry to discharge the same ship - discharging in 2.5 days what would have taken the old Spanish dockside crane 7 - 9 days reports the driver. Weds 31st August 2011 mv JAN V on track to complete discharge of Rocksalt to sail on this evenings tide for Cardiff to load steel for Belfast tomorrow. mv BALTISKIY 202 due am tide Thursday 1st Sept after completing discharge of her bagged fertiliser at SHARPNESS after shipowner pays overtime this afternoon/evening. Jan V
Jan V heading for Bideford Quay - Photo (C) Doug Sanders
(See also photos on Marinetraffic.com by Phil Hall) Henry Abram  of Glasgow called in to office with details of ship for loading at Appledore Shipyard Middle Yard on 26th 27th 28th September, to load 19 aircraft carrier sections for Rosyth She is likely to be ABIS BELFAST or sister built 2010 for the project cargo (wind farm) trade and is an interesting design having clear hatch cover loading capacity and the ability to sail with hatches open they say. She has her bridge and accomodation placed at the forward end of the ship. Expected light draft 3.5 - 3.8 metres. sv Kathleen & May has passed down the BERKELEY CANAL today bound tomorrow for BARRY and then back to LIVERPOOL. Sunday 28th August 2011 mv JAN V berths at 1815hrs. German owner Captain, with A Cape Verde Chief Officer (The only one in the world reports the Captain) Cape Verde and Russian and Ukrainian crew. Cape Verde crews do 8 months on board, Russian and Ukrainians do 4 months. Capt has been on board since March since freight rates are low at present, and relief Captains are expensive. 25 year old ship in excellent order and with regular crew. Bow thrust, flap rudder and very manoevreable. Draft 4.3 m max Just over 2200 tonnes of roadsalt. Ship is planned to sail on weds PM tide at 1900hrs.

Friday 26th August 2011 mv JAN V now due Sunday at 1800 hrs mv BALTISKIY 202 due Thursday am Tide 1st Sept. Thursday 25th August 2011 Mv JAN V due over the weekend after loading at KILROOT N. Ireland with Rocksalt for BIDEFORD. She will discharge on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. mv BALTISKIY 202 due early next week after discharging her cargo at SHARPNESS to load 2300 tonnes of Spruce Logs at BIDEFORD. Rowing Regatta is scheduled on Saturday afternoon, and the Bideford Water Festival is on Sunday. Friday 12th August 2011 An old locally owned French built fishing boat has been let go from Barnstaple Castle Quay after North Devon Council (Who have no Harbour Staff) affixed a notice to depart. The vessel was subsequently anchored mid stream, but dragged onto the Longbridge, but was not perceived as a major threat to the bridge. (See Barnstaple Webcam.) The 60' whale that washed up at Lynton is being towed into the river Taw at Yelland to be beached and removed for rendering elsewhere, crane and large enough lorry permitting. The operation has been ordered by North Devon Council, and Anthony Glover with John Shortridge are towing the creature in. Tuesday 2nd August Leonid Leonov sailed at 0805 with 2306  tonnes of Spruce logs draft 4.52aft and 3.9ford. with a moderate amount of deck cargo. Euroforest have stemmed 5 more cargos to Wismar before December the approx dates are End of August, Sept 11th on, Sept 25th on,Oct 24th on, Nov 23rd on. TDC crane assisted the load lifting 305 tonnes of logs.

Monday 1st August 2011 mv Leonid Leonov loads with 2300 + tonnes of Spruce bound for Wismar in Eastern Germany. She will sail at 0800 hrs on Tuesday 2nd August. She was loaded by JST Crane services of Troon, with assistance from TDC Crane4 and our trial log grab - all successful.

Saturday 30th July 2011 Leonid Leonov berths at 1845hrs. ex Sharpness left early this morning. Commence loading at 0600hrs Monday. Sailing 0800hrs Tuesday. AGW. Draft Surveyor attending at 1830hrs on Sunday. First trip since ship has had hatches raised by 1.5metres to accommodate more cargo, and Master says 'a drier deck in a gale'.

Friday 29th July 2011 mv Leonid Leonov ETA 1700hrs Saturday 30th July at Pilot Station. Berthing by HW ready to load logs at 0600hrs Monday. JST Crane arriving Sunday afternoon.

mv Leonid Leonov shortly before arriving at Sharpness 27th July Photo (c) Mike Nash
Thursday 28th July mv Leonid Leonov arriving at her penultimate port before Bideford (Sharpness) on Weds 27th July This ship has had her hatch coaming and covers raised to carry more underdeck cargo in line with several of her sisiters. This will benefit her timber carrying capabilities. (Info & photo coutesy Mike Nash). Tuesday 26th July 2011 mv Leonid Leonov ETA for weekend next to load roundwood logs at Bideford 2300 tonnes for WISMAR Germany on Monday 1st August. Clay ship for Bideford (Celtic Voyager) was diverted to PLYMOUTH due major road closure at TORRINGTON for 5 weeks. representations to be made to Highway Authority. Bideford Watersports Festival is underway this week with youngsters from  Europe racing rowing skiffs, and surfing, kayaking sailing etc throughout local areas - finishes Thursday.

Thursday 7th July 2011  mv Bratislava sails at 2220 hrs with 2200 tonnes of ball clay for Kunda (in Estonia, not Finland as prev reported.) Draught was 4.5m aft 3.9m ford ship still pumping ballast. Pilot's departure (Roger Hoad) was quite tricky with John Pavitt Cox with Paul Gyurgyak as crew, Ebb tide conditions.  Pilot ladder was partly crushed. 7 days passage to Kunda. Vessel loaded by Mike Pryer completing at 1800hrs. Vessel had an MCA Port State safety inspection (5 hours) which reportedly found only 3 minor defects, two remedied immediatly one to be referred to owners for action which did not affect her sailing.

Wednesday 5th July mv BRatislava berthed at 2220 hrs. Excellent ship for manoevrability backing up against the tide after swinging in the river. With Becker rudder and bow thrust. 10 crew ex St Malo where she carried fertiliser. Passage from France took 24hrs she just reaching Bideford on the tide.

vitali kozhin
Departing Bideford Quay Photo (c) Norman Hardaker
Friday 1st July 2011 mv BRATISLAVA is due for Tuesday pm tide to load 2200 t. clay for KUNDA in Finland. Her last port is St Malo. Next timber ship is stemmed for the end of July with another for the end of August and are likely to be the FRI Ocean or sister ships.

Tuesday 21st June Next clay vessel due 1st July 2200 tonnes for KUNDA Finland. Next timber ship due mid or late July. Saturday 18th June 2011 mv Alexander Grin completes cargo at 1130hrs. Sails after trimming at 2025hrs with 2700 tonnes brick clay, with draught of 4.38m aft. Wind force 6 -7 Rough sea on ebb tide at entrance. 7 days passageto Lovisa Finland Pilot R.Hoad Pilot boat cox John Pavitt, crew |Paul Gyurgyak.AlexGrin
Alexander Grin inbound off Appledore Photo (c) Norman Hardaker
 Next clay ship due 1st July.

Friday 17th June 2011 VALENTIN PIKUL  SAILED AT 0630hrs on Thurs am tide draft 4.25m with 2330 tonnes Spruce logsfor Wismar 5 days 3 hrs passage time. loading of logs, draft calculations by Chief Mate and R Pearce & Cowent flawlessly supervised by EUROFORESTChudleigh personnel Pilot R. Hoad. mv VITALI KOZHIN sailed at 1900 hrs from Appledore with steel sections for ROSYTH Pilot P.GYURGYAK. ALEXANDER GRIN arrives at BIDEFORD at 0715 hrs this morning from ST MALO she will sail after loading by Mike Pryer and Stevedore Evans Transport approx 2700 tons on pred draft of 4.3m at 2000hrs on Saturday. Pilot R. HOAD. Next clay ship due early July. Wednesday 15th June 2011 2030hrs mv VALENTIN PIKUL completes cargo ready to sail on am Thursday tide 0615 hrs. mv VITALI KOZHIN for thursday am tide to Appledore .Sunday 12th June mv Valentin Pikulberths at 1610 hrs arriving early from Shoreham. She will commence loading at 0600hrs on Wednesday 15th June with Round wood logs for WISMAR in Eastern Germany. She will swing on Tuesday afternoon ready for loading, having her initial darught survey on Tuesday pm tide. Friday 10th June mv Vitali Kozhin due Tue 14th pm tide earliest to load sections at Appledore for Rosyth. mv Valentin Pikul ETA Mon 13th pm or Tue am tide ex Shoreham to load Logs on Weds 15th June. mv Alexander Grin ex St Malo due Fri 17th am tide to load Ball clay for Finland. Public Enquiry re Richmond Drydock site Tue Wed Thu next week re loss to housing(Public).Friday 3rd June 2011 Next timber ship is fixed for 16th  (17th loading) June arrival and is the mv Alexander Grin (Russian owned) to load local timber for Germany, and has visited Bideford on several occasions. Also (yet to be fixed) is a clay ship to load for Finland on the same tides. Friday 27th May Timber is arriving at TDC Cattlemarket for the next shipment to Europe which is planned for the tides around June 13th. Also a shipment of Ball clay is planned at the same time, for Finland. Timber Ops 1
Owner driver's Mike Watts and Johhny Williams - the main man.
ClausRodenburg's Buyer Frank Hoffmann (50) & Euroforest MD Tony Willis on Quay
Lorry driver's had a long day and some were looking a little rough by 7pm
A busy day at Bideford Mike pryer loads clay ship JST serv crane drivers from Ayr load timber. A record export of cargo in a day in the port's history.
mv Roseburg & mv Konstantin Paustovskiy loading at Bideford photo Colin & Urszula Barrett

Wednesday 18th MayTrinity House subcontracted tender mv MAIR arrived on last evenings tide at Bideford quay and will be in for a day to ervice local navigation aids. sv KATHLEEN & MAY came alongside this morning from her berth at East the Water and will sail after 1700hrs as soon as she floats for LIVERPOOL for a few months. Owner Steve Clarke MBE says she will fly the defaced red ensign as she leaves - only issued to 50 vessels worldwide, says owner Steve.Roseburg
mvRoseburg at Westleigh Strait Photo Doug Jenkin TDC
 1720 Kathleen and May sails for Liverpool. mv Mair sails for Barry. Tuesday 17th May. Mv Roseburg sails at 1800hrs, with full load of logs from local forests (2539.356 tonnes).draught 4.9m for and aft underkeel clearance in river 50 cms tide made prediction. Vessel giving passage time of 4 days to Wismar via the Kiel canal. Timber purchased by Frank Hoffmann from Claus Rodenberg Project Management Waldkontor gmbh who visited Bideford to check operations with Euroforest MD Tony Willis staying at Royal Hotel. (Photo to follow). Further shipments are likely to follow since the success of the present shipment. JST mobile crane rig left for Swansea to load logs. Total weight of rig is 107 tonnes. sea conditions at Bar improved on yesterday with Pilot Roger not getting completely drenched by Steven Perham and Jeff Grise pilot boat crew today! Draught surveyor for total tonnage loaded was Jeff Wilson of R Pearce & Co Falmouth.

Monday 16th May 2011 Cargo started on mv Roseburg at 0600 hrs with logs, and at 0635 with clay on mv Konstantin Paustovskiy. The clay ship completed at 1645hrs sailing at 1740 hrs and the timber ship at 1940 hrs. ready to trim on the morning tide. She will sail on Tuesday pm tide. loading went well, and ahead of schedule. Clay was loaded in one day by Michael Pryer crane driver. JST services of Ayr in Scotland provided a crane and 2 drivers to load the timber.

Sunday 15th May 2011

Mv Roseburg arrives on time for todays tide, berthing at 1715 hrs. Russian crew including female cook, variable pitch propeller, Becker rudder and good bowthruster. Konstantin Paustovskiy swings to her berth port side to. JST loading services arrives to load the timber start at 0600hrs Monday. Two Scottish drivers working 3 hours on 3 hours off. TDC crane driver Michael Pryer will start loading clay ship at same time.

Saturday 14th May 2011 mv KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKI berthed at 1715hrs approx one hour after High Water. She will swing Sunday afternoon tide and move to her berth closest to Bideford's Longbridge ready for the berthing of mv Roseburg which left Poole at 1200hrs today.Friday 13th May 2011 mv Konstantin Paustovskiy has reportedly sailed from St Malo (thanks Viv) and could make the afternoon tide on Saturday AGW. mv Roseburg if discharge continues to go well at Poole, could make the Sunday PM tide. Thursday 12th May 2011 Preparationsfor export of up to 2500 tonnes of timber from local forests on behalf of EUROFOREST to Wismar in Germany have been underway with approx 2,000 tonnes of Spruce now stored neatly in the Cattle Market ready for shipping as soon as Monday 16th May. Timber is from Halwill (mainly) also Clovelly Estates, Muddiford and Filleigh. mv ROSEBURG is discharging at Poole today, Friday and Saturday with an ETA of Sunday night AGW. Also due over the weekend (Possibly early Sunday morning) is mv Konstantin Paustovskiy ex St Malo to load 2200 tonnes of Brick Clay for Turku in Finland. The export of timber is a first for Bideford, and formerly went through the port of Plymouth - several thousand lorry miles will thus have been saved by shipping from Bideford. Locally owned owner driver timber lorries have been used for this operation led  by Bideford's Johnny Williams. Bideford has received three yacht visitors this year two beautifully restored 1930's RNLI lifeboats and from Sharpness, and sailing today was a Vancouver 28' yacht from a Milford Haven marina owned by a gentle man from the Midlands. She was called Carol of Bosham. lThursday 21st April 2011 Bideford Harbour has been in negotiations with Euroforest to undertake locally harvested shipments of round timber from Bideford to Germany. AGW shipments could start as soon as Mid May. This will be a welcome boost to the Harbour's trade and provide valuable income from Wharfage, Pilotage and Harbour Dues. Bavariadeparture
Graham Frisby's photo of Bavaria backing out from from the berth to swing off Appledore

Tuesday 19th April 2011 mv Bavaria
Norman Hardaker's image of mv BAVARIA berthing at Appledore's Middle Yard
BAVARIA sails from Middle Dock Appledore at 1900 hrs bound Rosyth with 10 steel aircraft carrier section total tonnage approx 300 tonnes. Her passage time is 3 days and she will pass through the English Channel.BavariaPhilHall
Phil Hall's image of mv Bavaria approaching Appledore

Sunday 17th Barbarossa sails after Arco Dart berths at Evans Yard, 1700 hrs then Bavaria arrives at HW on Babcock Appledore Middle Newquay yard berth to load 10 sections for ROSYTH> Both ships variable pitch. German captain Russian & UKRAINIAN crew on Bavaria. ETD Tuesday 1900 hrs.  Friday 15th April mv BARBAROSSA berths successfully at HW at Middle yard Newquay pilot Paul Gyurgyak . Variable pitch propellor with poor grip for the astern manouvre at the very light  ballast draft. Vessel to sail at 1700 hrs on Sunday after loading her sections. Barbarossa
Norman Hardaker's image of Barbarossa swinging off Appledore today
                                                          Thursday 14th April mv Barbarossa will berth on the 1639 tide on Friday 15th. She will swing in the river off Appledore, and back onto the Newquay Middle Yard berth, loading throughout Saturday & Sunday ready for sailing at approx 1700 hrs Sunday. mv Bavaria will berth starboard side to on the same tide on Sunday (she has cranes on her port side) and will sail on Tuesday 19th at about 1900 hrs. Both vessels are for Rosyth with Aircraft carrier parts.

Wednesday 13th April mv RANDZEL has been delayed, and since her draft is such that large tides are needed for that particular berth at APPLEDORE SHIPYARD MIDDLE YARD for her she has been replaced by two smaller ships mv BARBAROSSA which anchored this morning in the roads (reported by Norman Hardaker) from the Canary islands, and mv BAVARIA from the Continent ETA Thursday am.in the roads. Barbarossa will berth possibly on Friday afternoon or Saturday early am tide depending on her draft, with her sailing on Sunday pm tide and BAVARIA arriving at the berth on the same tide, planned to sail on Tuesday 19th April. Tuesday 5th April 2011 mv Baltiyskiy sailed at 1940hrs 4.18m draft F&A. 2330 tonnes ball clay for Lovisa Finland 7 days passage via Skagen. Next ship mv RANDZEL for shipyard to load steel sections for Rosyth on Saturday 16th April sailing Monday 18th April.

Sunday 3rd April 2011Baltiyskiy 202
Baltiyskiy 202 from Westleigh Strait & Tarka Trail Photo Norman Hardaker (c)
mv Baltiyskiy arrived with Pilot boarding at 1730hrs near Fairway Buoy. Vessel berthed at 1855hrs. and will load to a draft of 4.1m to ensure departure on Tuesday PM tide. The ship is showing signs of a hard winter with ice scraping of the hull and needs painting. The Captain reports that over a hundred ships were icebound in the vicinity of St Petersburg this winter and that temperatures are now +1 OR 2degrees.Baltiyskiy202
Baltiyskiy 202 passing under Bideford Bridge Photo (c) Colin & Ursula Barret
Friday 1st April 2011 mv BALTISKIY 202 departs from SILLOTH at 1000hrs bound for Bideford ETA Afternoon of Sunday 3rd April 2011. Delayed by rain hampering her discharge of fertiliser. She is arriving on small falling Spring tides so will load lighter.

Thursday 24th March mv BALTISKIY 202 is due for 1st April to load Ball clay for Lovisa, Finland. The ship has been modified to increase her capacity, but will load to a draft of 4.4m max due to tidal height. A further shipment is due for Turku Finland in May.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011 Fokko
mv FOKKO UKENA at Bideford (c) Richard Patmore
mv FOKKO UKENA sailed at 1915hrs draft 4.6m ford 4.4m aft with 2860 tonnes ball clay for Castellon, Spain. Excellent ship, well laid out bridge and Piloting position. 7-8 days passage to Spain. FokkoBri
mvFOKKO UKENA approaching Bideford (c) Richard Patmore
Saturday 19th March 2011 mv FOKKO UKENA berthed at 1730hrs. Modern well appointed vessel. GT 2451 dwt capacity 3500 t. Crew delighted at town centre berth! Friday 18th March 2011mv FOKKO UKENA is giving an ETA of 1530 hrs for tomorrow at the Pilot Station and will berth for HW at about 1730 hrs. She is due to sail from Dublin at 2100 hrs tonight. She will load 2800 tonnes of Ball Clay in 3 grades for Castellon, Spain. She will load on Monday and Tuesday of next week and sail on Tuesday PM tide. She is mainly Russian Crewed with a Ukrainian and a Ghanaian signed on as 'Wiper'. Her recent previous ports include Ellesmere Port, Spain, Turkey and Israel. Italy and Algeria. Friday 4th March 2011 Tug Keverne arrives from Milford to collect Viking Barge 8 and its cargo of queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier bow sections. Tug Piloted in on the tide in calm conditions, but with tide cutting in height by 0.4m due high atmospheric pressure. Tugs Willpower and Willchallenge assist, as well as Lundy Puffin. Operation ran smoothly and on schedule. 7 Days passage north about around the Pentland Firth at a speed of about 5 knots. Tug skipper is North Scottish. VikingBarge8NH
Viking Barge 8 photo Norman Hardaker (c)
Thursday 3rd March Viking Barge 8 successfully piloted (Two Pilots) out of shed with 5 large bow sections aboard. She is almost as long as a football pitch. Tugs Willpower & Willchallenge did towing assisted by Lundy Puffin. Weather conditions were perfect. Operation took Just over an hour. Barge will be ballasted overnight. Her arrival displacement was 2,400 tonnes, her departure from shed displ. was approx. 4,200 tonnes and her sailing displ. will be over 6,000 tonne Pilot will board tug Keverne at 1600 hrs and be at New quay at approx 1700 hrs but will be too deep to go on berth. Tow will be transferred in the channel off berth and Keverne and tow will sail as soon as able before High water, clearing the estuary at dusk. Russian ship FOR Finland has been delayed by ice in the Baltic and will not now arrive at Bideford until the April tides. Castellon cargo will still be loaded in Mid March.Monday 28th Feb Viking Barge was hauled into the covered shipyard at 2230 onwards on Friday last. The vessel sat on the blocks as the tide fell, and work commenced to load the massive bow section units - which was done with remote controlled 'trolleys' brought from Holland - over the weekend. The barge will be ready to sail on Thursday pm tide (or possible Weds pm tide if loading continues to go well) - to Newquay berth where ballasting will commence prior to sailing 12 or 24hrs later. The large 60 tonne bollard pull tug Keverne will return from Milford Haven to tow the loaded barge to Rosyth.VikBge
Viking Barge with tugs at Newquay

VIKING BARGE 8 passing Appledore towed by Willchallenge & Willpower
Friday 25th February 2011
Tug Keverne arrived on Weds 23rd Feb. in the bay, and entered the river under Pilotage at 0900 hrs on Thursday. There was a groundswell on the bar up to 2 metres and the tug approached cautiously with the 94m x 25m barge Due to the draft of the tug and the size of the tide two smaller tugs - the Willpower and theWillChallenge took over the tow from the Keverne at the POOL at Appledore, the barge was berthed at NEWQUAY yard about a half hour after HW. Today the barge was Piloted from the quay to just outside the Babcock Appledore covered yard in the gut where she was carefully moored by the Appledore workforce. Tugs Willpower and Multicat Willchallenge ably towed the huge barge into the narrow gut. The barge sat down level on the mud and will be winched into the covered shed on tonights tide. VikingBargedeck
Appledore Shipyard workers prepare lines for docking VIKING BARGE 8
Thursday 17th February 2011.
A Finland and a Castellon  cargo of Ball clay are stemmed for the 15th - 24th March next from Bideford. The large tug KEVERNE has picked up her barge at STAVANGER NORWAY today and is steaming westwards at good speed bound for Appledore. She needs to maintain 6.5k to make the tide. She is aiming to go through the Pentland Firth and her best ETA is next Wednesday for Thursday am docking. Tug SEA TROJAN is bound for Appledore to collect the Seawind barge to tow to RAMSGATE. Unfortunately she picked up a fishing net off MILFORD HAVEN and is in MILFORD dock undergoing repairs. Hoping to sail Saturday for Appledore.

Thursday 10th Feb 2011 Russian 'Poets' class vessel stemmed to load up to 3000+ tonnes Ball/ Brick Clay for LOVISA Finland ETA 15th/!8th March. This will again be a record cargo for this class of ship from Bideford.

Friday 4th Feb 2011 Vasiliy Shukshin sailed at 0605 Draught .4.6m aft 4.4m ford Rough sea strong winds.Loaded 2930 tonnes Ball Clay Max winter load 3100 tonnes before modifications max was 2750 tonnes. Now hatch raised and loadline changed. Thursday 3rd February vessel did not sail am tide due trim and cut in tide. Sailing am tide Friday 0600 hrs. 2011Wednesday 2nd February 2011 mv Vasiliy Shukshin has cut cargo (150 tonnes) and will sail at 0530 Thursday morning due to poor weather forecast for Thursday night. Expected draft 4.5m cargo loaded 2930 tonnes. She completed cargo soon after high water this evening. This vessel has been modified since her last visit to carry more cargo (with more draught) by having her hatch coamings raised to twice their previous height. Viv Llewellyn from the Missions to Seafarers visited the vessel to talk with the crew and donate Russian newspapers and English magazines (for the female cook) which were well received.

Tuesday February 1st 2011 mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN berthed at 0510 hrs at Bideford. Monday January 31st 2011 mv Vasiliy Shukshin ETA 2200hrs Bideford Roads Pilot boards 0330hrs  berthing am tide 1st February. 10 crew incl one woman cook bound Lovisa, Finland with Ball/brick clay up to 3000 tonnes. Sailingf on first available suitable tide, likely to be Friday am tide. Babcock Appledore Shipyard expecting North Sea standard barge & 65 tonne bollard pull tug Japanese built twin screw Keverne (JP Knight) and two Williams Shipping smaller tugs (Willpopwer?) & a one a Multicat ex Milford Haven. on the tide of the 22nd Feb AGW and departing loaded with huge bow sections from within the covered yard at Appledore on the 4th March (to Newquay) and to sea on 5th March AGW.

Frid 21st Jan 2011 mv Ditzum loading going according plan. ETS 1900hrs Sat 21st. bound ROSYTH Finland cargo of Clay due in early FEB for Bideford.DitzumAg
Norman Hardaker (c) Ditzum loading Aircraft Carrier sections for Rosyth
mv DITZUM berthed 0530hrs Thurs20th Jan2011 ditzum
at Appledore. mv RORICHMOOR sailed at 0530hrs from Bideford bound CASTELLON SPAIN 7 days voyage with 2660 tonnes Ball clay.


photo courtesy (c) Norman Hardaker LATEST NEWS: wednesday 19th Jan 2011: mv RORICHMOOR completed cargo 2660 tonnes yesterday afternoon. Because of tide cut (-.45 m) she could not trim on the PM tide as vessel did not float. She was trimmed this morning when she floated for a short time, and will likely sail on 0556 tide Thursday. mv Ditzum arrival was also postponed for same tidal cut reasons, and will also berth on Thurs am tide.Ror
Photo Courtesy (c) Phil Hall

Saturday 15th Jan2011 mv RORICHMOOR berths at 1355hrs. Having reduced her draft to 2.6 m she entered port on 3.7m tide with clearance of 0.45m. Excellent handling shiparriving and swinging with no flood stream due to rain water in river.Russian and Ukrainian crew. Expected sailing draft 4.4m with 2600 + tonnes cargo. Friday 14th Jan ETA RORICHMOOR now for 1357 tide on Saturday. at Bideford. mv DITZUM due for berthing on am tide 19th January at Appledore Babcock yard to load sections for the Royal Naval Aircraft Carrier project at ROSYTH. mv Oldenburg has completed several Lundy supply trips with cargo since before Christmas, and continues her winter maintenance program alongside at Bideford. The owner of the RICHMOND DRYDOCK at APPLEDORE will appeal his refusal of Planning consent to build residential housing immediatly adjacent to the Grade 2* listed drydock which would seriously compromise its further use as a working drydock.  Efforts are being made to find a solution which would allow usage of the dock once again for ms Oldenburg and other shipping (Armac shipping has shown interest) and smaller working craft. Should an offer to lease or buy the yard be forthcoming then change of use to residential would not be considered. Much debris - mainly trees and branches and huge voulmes of water have been coming down the Torridge river over the last few days, with a continual stream of water headed out to sea and no flood current.

TuesdayTuesday 11th January 2010 mv RORICHMOOR is due to arrive at Bideford on Saturday PM or Sunday pm tide from AVONMOUTH. To load 2700 tonnes of Ball Clay for Castellon, Spain on Monday and Tuesday of next week. ETA now for 1357 tide on Saturday. mv DITZUM due for berthing on am tide 19th January at Appledore Babcock yard to load sections for the Royal Naval Aircraft Carrier project.

Tuesday 21st December 2010 A Castellon bound clayship - to be nominated - is stemmed for arrival during January 2011 at BIDEFORD. Also mv CIMBRIS is due on Jan 19th for APPLEDORE Middle Yard to load more steel sections for the aircraft carrier project. Cimbris is a 100 metre ship with a large capacity in lower hold and tween deck arrangements. she will load and sail afew days later on the top of the Spring Tides. Babcocks Appledore are busy preparing the berth, and have transported large steel sections to the Middle Yard ready to load. Follwing this there will be the arrival of the biggest ever barge to appledore at 90metres long which will enter the covered yard and be loaded with more steel sections for ROSYTH. This will be at the end of February. Then it is planned to have repeat shipments by ship in March Sept and November and then 5 shipments in 2012. this excludes shipments by barge and tug. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! please send your email address to harbour.master@torridge.gov.uk to be alerted when this website is updated.

Thursday 18th November 2010 It is with regret that I report the death of Captain John Hopkins during last night, after a recent ongoing battle with illness at the age of 73. John came to Appledore from Gloucester to work as Pilot, having originated from the area, in Nov 1985 then, also took over as Harbour Master at Bideford in Jan 1986 from Capt Vernon Harris. He also became a partner in the shipbroking firm Wm.Hobbs.Beara,Harris & Co. with Capt Harris. Torridge subsequently took over Pilotage responsibilities and on 1st of October 1988 he transferred from Trinity House as Pilot, as well as Harbour Master. John retired from Piloting after training myself as Pilot at the end of November 1999, but continued as Bideford Harbour Master up until January 2002 at the age of 65. Over subsequent years he was very happy to do part time relief work on the Lundy Ferry ms Oldenburg during the season, as Master up until the 2008 season. John leaves a grown up family wife Pru and grandchildren.


Saturday 23rd October 2010 mv Moormerland sailed at 1730hrs on Thursday 21st Oct with 2750 tonnes of local ball clay in 3 grades for Castellon in Spain. mv Celtic Voyager sailed today at 1815hrs with 2600 tonnes of Ball Clay in 3 grades also for Castellon with a draft of 4.6m ford and aft. To have two maximum sized ships loaded in one tidal period (and not a large Spring tide) is an endorsement of Bidefords Harbours staff and new crane capabilities, as well as the Stevedores , Transport Companies, Clay Company and not least the agents Pike Ward. If any one has taken photos please email them to Harbour.master@torridge.gov.uk for inclusion with acknowlegement on this webpage.

Wednesday 20th October 2010 mv Moormerland berthed at 0500 hrs.She is a smart ship with 6 crew the Captain is Estonian with two Russians, and three Ukrainians. She is loading 2750 tonnes of Ball clay in three grades for Castellon, Spain and will sail at 1730hrs on Thursday. mv CELTIC VOYAGER will arrive off the port at 0100hrs tomorrow, berthing at 0530hrs. Bideford will have two maximum sized ships in port for the first time for nearly two years.

Tuesday 19th October 2010 mv Moormerland due in at 0445 hrs tomorrow from Brest to load 2750 tonnes clay for Castellon Spain. Also mv Celtic Voyager from Silloth due Thursday to load 2700 tonnes clay for Castellon also.

Friday 8th October 2010 Summer European shutdown and continuing recession affecting the building industry has led to no ships at Bideford thus far. However two are booked for the end of October tides - both to load clay for Spain. The Severn Sands was piloted successfully last night from Heanton where she had drifted too on the large Springs of last month to a secure berth at The ex Power Station Jetty at Yelland, with the Councils Pilot Boat Two Rivers II leading the 'tug' Mannin (Padstow Harbours dredger Mannin) through the narrow channels. The Severn sands will be broken up on the foreshore inside the jetty head.

Thursday 29th - July Grab dredger Mannin will sail on the morning tide on Friday 30th for Padstow having successfully renewed mooring gear on the RNLI moorings on behalf of Falmouth Divers. sv KATHLEEN & MAY will return on Sunday August 8th WATER FESTIVAL DAY. She has had a successful visit to Whitehaven, & Liverpool and is now at Bristol for this weekends Festival. Enquiries have been received from a Plymouth Logistics Company to land a 420 tonne transformer for transportation to Yelland or Alverdiscott at Bideford quay facility. This would be for the Atlantic Array Windfarm construction.

Tuesday 27th July - Mikhail Dudin sailed at 1935hrs with 2825 tonnes of Ball Clay (draught 4.4m.) for Finland. Her passage to Finland will take 7 days. Grab dredger MANNIN from PADSTOW will arrive on Wednesday 28th pm tide at Appledore to change the RNLI moorings main shackle, after lifting the concrete sinker.

Sunday 25th July- Mikhail Dudin berthed at 1900 hrs today after a good passage from Pasajes in Basque region of Northern Spain. She has  10 crew including one female she will sail on Tuesday PM tide.

Friday 23rd July mv MIKHAIL DUDIN is due to load BALL CLAY for FINLAND arriving on Sunday 25th July and will sail on Tuesday 27th July on the evening tide. She sailed from Pasajes in Northern Spain yesterday.

Friday 16th July 2010: mv MARTIN sailed at 2030hrs for PORT HOUSTOCK nr FALMOUTH to load stone for SHOREHAM after waiting for orders for 3 days. The recession is still affecting the small ship trade. It is possible that the ship may lay up for a month due also to annual company shutdowns. Bideford has the large Russian vessel MIKHAIL DUDIN due for next weekend, to load clay for FINLAND.

Sunday 11th July: mv MARTIN missed the 0600 tide, arriving at 0730 at the Pilot station. She has subsequently berthed at 1815hrs this evening, ready to discharge her cargo of salt. The ship is fitted with a FUCHS 360 crane - the same but an older model as Bideford Harbours. The crane is used in ports with no shore plant, and is quite rare to be fitted as such.

Friday 9th July 2010: mv MARTIN due with roadsalt from Northern Ireland (Kilroot) at 0400 at the Pilot Station for berthing at 0600 on Sunday 9th July. She will discharge over two days sailing on Tuesday pm tide.

Weds30thJune2010: Trinity House contract vessel MAIR arrives tonight at the Quay on the tide for an overnight stay after moving the Middle Ridge Buoy and surveying parts of the channel up to the Grey Sand Hill. She sails on the morning tide.

Fri 10th: New ETA for RABA at Bideford 1840 tide.Wednesday 9th June 2010: motor vessel RABA is due at Bideford from Aviles in Northern Spain, on Saturday 12th June ready for Monday and Tuesday loading of 2100 tonnes of Ball clay in 3 grades for Castellon in Southern Spain. Her crew are Polish. Sailing vessel KATHLEEN & MAY will move to Bideford Quay on Monday 14th  evening tide, ready for her trip to Whitehaven later in June.

Thursday May 27th 2010; The huge Caisson dock gate under construction for Royal Devonport Dockyard will be towed out on 14th June evening tide. TDC Pilots will be co ordinating the arrival of a Falmouth Tug and the subsequent vessel tow out. Pike Ward Shipping Agency have placed an enquiry with us for several heavy lifts (50 - 80tonnes a piece) for transportation to Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station and we have indicated that our quay can accomodate such lifts and the vessels delivering them. A Ball Clay vessel is due in June as is the long expected Road Salt vessel. Local vessels have continued to be busy on Bristol Channel work, and the survey by Titan Surveys is continuing (Atlantic Array Work).

 Thursday 6th May. Regen SW made a presentation to RWE N Power the contractors for the huge windfarm project off the North Devon coast today in Bideford. They are, together with their Consultants gathering information to decide which ports that they will use during the construction and servicing of the Windfarm. The Taw Torridge Estuary is a strong contender for some of the work and details of Yelland Power Station Jetty, Appledore Babcock yard and Bideford were presented to them. All these areas lie within our Pilotage responsibilities and of course Bideford as our Harbour. Shortlisted ports will be decided in June or July. Survey vessels are at present working from Bideford and Instow. mv SEVERN SEAS (KML) is engaged in removing the remaining pile stump from the Lynmouth experimental tidal turbine, and will return to Bideford over the weekend. Mr Simon D'arcy has booked in to Bideford Harbour for a week in his 24'6" Cornish Crabber during a stage of his round Britain sail to raise awareness of Prostrate Cancer from 24th June - 3rd July next Read his story : htttp://www.sailingchallenge.blogspot.com/

Friday 30th April 2010 The huge Caisson gate carrying barge that is in the Appledore Shipyard is due to sail on Friday 28th May next. She will be towed to Plymouth by a South Coast based tug. mv JOHN ADAMS will return to its mooring on this evenings tide. Thursday 29th April mv Vitali Kozhin was Piloted  from NEWQUAY yard APPLEDORE at 1830 hrs laden with 15 sections for the new British Aircraft Carrier being built at Rosyth.This is the third shipload of sections excluding the huge bulbous bow section completed at the yard recently. She will arrive in Rosyth on Monday next, before sailing for Germany for her next cargo.

Wednesday 28th April mv SEVERN SEAS returned from HINCKLEY POINT Somerset on this evenings tide.

Tuesday 27th April mv JOHN ADAMS that has been a feature of the river at East the WAter for many years has been towed to Bideford Quay for the removal of her engine to facilitate further hull repairs. Mr Robert Renton has improved the vessel since he has been in residence. The vessel was built in 1934 for the British Admiralty who subsequently sold her to the Irish Navy, and the late Capt Peter Herbert shipowner hailing from Bude brought her to Bideford years ago and was unable to bring her back into service before he died. Trinity House chartered buoy tender mv MAIR is alongside tonight having serviced the estuary buoys and lights. She is owned by Capt Peter Binding whose family have worked with Trinity House for generations. Mair sails for Barry, her home port early in the morning. Severn Seas has sailed for HInckley Point and will return to her home port of Bideford on Wednesday pm tide.

mv Vitali Kozhin
mv Vitali Kozhin

Friday 23rd April 2010. Ro-Ro mv Vitali Kozhin has an ETA for Appledore Roads of 2000 hrs tonight and is due to berth at NEWQUAY Middle yard on Monday, the TDC pilot will board at 1600hrs and she will be berthed before high water at 1715 hrs. She will commence loading more aircraft carrier sections at 0730 hrs on the 28th and sail on the PM tide of the 29th for ROSYTH. (Photo below)  On Wednesday 5 top executives of RWE N Power & FARM ENERGY anda director of KML were conducted round the estuary in TDC's Pilot boat with a view to using the estuary ports for more work during the construction and operation of the huge Atlantic Array Windfarm. The nearest windmills which will be as high as LUNDY will be just 12 miles from the Fairway buoy making our ports of BIDEFORD, APPLEDORE & YELLAND the closest and most sheltered of supply havens. The executives also met Babcock shipyard personnel. Bideford based mv SEVERN SEAS sailed at 1145 hrs yesterday for LYNMOUTH where she is lassoing the remaining 12' section of the experimental water turbine that has been on test for several years off the small harbour. Divers will attach directional explosives and the single (£10,000) explosion will sever the thick steel pile ready for lifting aboard the ship. Severn Seas recaptured a scientific weather buoy from near LUNDY on Monday last that had broken adrift and repositioned it at Minehead.Bideford has a Cheetah Fast Cat Survey vessel belonging to TITAN MARINE at the quay that is surveying the proposed landfall area for Atlantic Array power cables at CORNBOROUGH. The cat will be at Bideford (neap tides) or Instow (Spring tides)for about a month. On Wednesday and today two different steam launches were operating in the river, further to repairs and improvements at J. Pavitt Engineering. Large luxury sailing yacht MISTY MOONBEAM owned by Mr Charlie Burridge OF Chivenor will sail from her temporary berth at Heanton next Thursday pm tide, bound for Plymouth and the South of France.* Now cancelled 26/04 Yachts at North Devon Yacht Club are being launched day by day for the summer.

Wednesday 14th April 2010 - Bidefords PRIESTMAN Crane was delivered successfully yesterday to PAR in Cornwall and was unloaded by Bideford's Crane driver Mr Michael Pryer.

Bideford's ms OLDENBURG has had a good start to the season with two passenger loads exceeding 200 persons when she sailed from Ilfracombe during the school break.

KML's Bideford registered mv SEVERN SEAS is due to sail later on  this week to deploy four scientific buoys North East of LUNDY on behalf of TITAN Environmental Surveys. The buoys will be in position for a year. They will be delivered to the quay tomorrow.

Consultations have begun for the Round three Atlantic Array Windfarm project and TDC will shortly receive documentation from the INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING COMMISSION. The construction of the windfarm will affect shipping, small craft (sailing vessels) the view from Lundy, fisherman and others.

Tuesday 13th April 2010

The Caisson carrying Smit barge was successfully returned to Appledore Babcock's covered yard early this morning. The structure will be finished by the end of May and towed to Plymouth. The tug WILLPOWER arrived from Milford Haven at 0430 this morning and TDC Pilot was aboard to co-ordinate the operation assisted by local shipyard workboat Lundy Puffin.

The shipyard is expecting another RO-RO ship to take 15 more sections to Rosyth at the end of this month.

Monday 12th April 2010.

Bideford Harbour's Priestman crane left the quay today after many years of loading ships  driven by Mr Michael Pryer for over 18 years. The crane will be driven to Par in Cornwall where its first job will be to load 1000tonnes of rock onto barges. The crane in recent years achieved a peak loading rate of 3000 tonnes of ball clay a day at times and has been replaced by a state of the art, low maintenance FUCHS rehandler crane which can also lift boats. It has been purchased by KML and was transported by Nick Sampson Engineers.

Friday 9thApril 2010

A salt ship is due for Bideford during the next or subsequent Spring tides. The vessel is yet to be nominated.

The nearly complete Caisson gate destined for Plymouth and being built on a 50m barge that was removed from Appledore Shipyard for the Aircraft Carrier operations will be returned to the covered yard on the early morning tide of next Tuesday. She has been lying on NEWQUAY.

Severn Seas shipping's survey vessel SEVERNSEA (ex VISTA V) has been refitted to a high standard and is ready to work on projects locally and in Scotland. She will remain based in BIDEFORD for a month or two. The company's landing craft SEVERN SINS is undergoing reengining at SHARPNESS ready for a probable Scilly Isles charter.

Four Atlantic Array windfarm research buoys will be deployed north of Lundy from April 15th by TITAN MARINE and will remain in place for about a year.

Thursday 1st April 2010

Tug VIGILANT tows Aircraft Carrier out of covered yard successfully in morning with tug WILLPOWER and LUNDY PUFFIN and DATCHET all under BIDEFORD PILOTS. PM tide today VIGILANT and WILLPOWER towing OSPREY CARRIER barge piloted out to sea aided by |LUNDY PUFFIN successfully. All bound for Rosyth after sheltering from next expected gale at AVONMOUTH. The operation being filmed by the Discovery channel for showing when aircraft carrier is complete.

Wednesday 31st March 2010 Mikhail Dudin completed loading on schedule and was ready to sail on Tuesday evening tide but her Master decided to await the passing of a severe gale, and so she will sail at 1930 hrs tomorrow.

After numerous meetings and constant weather and sea condition monitoring the planned float out of the AirCraft Carrier bow section barge has been delayed until tomorrow morning s tide work commencing early in the morning for a 0730 float out. The barge will be towed by tugs VIGILANT and WILLPOWER to NEWQUAY where she will awit an improvement in the weather. Earliest sailing will be on Thursday evenings tide at 1945 hrs. Celebrations will occur this evening at the sShipyard with a Government Minister being invited. The float out will be filmed by the Discovery channel from the tug.

Monday 29th March 2010. mv Mikhail Dudin berthed at 1730 hrs yesterday and is loading today and Tuesday, due to sail at 1830 hrs on Tuesday for LOVISA in FINLAND.

Dutch tug VIGILANT now at BIDEFORD is normally engaged in building wind farms, and it is significant that Bideford has three WIND FARM SUPPORT AND CONSTRUCTION vessels in port at present. A fourth vessel (a tug) from MILFORD HAVEN has requested a berth here, but signifcantly the huge harbour suffers from Southerly winds and is sometimes closed to shipping movements for such vessels - BIDEFORD being sheltered from the south remains open. Newly refitted mv SEVERN SEAS has gained a valuable contract to study scientific data (initially dolphins) at the site of the proposed ATLANTIC ARRAY WINDFARM  to be sited close to LUNDY.

Forecast bad weather may delay the sailing of the OSPREY CARRIER barge from the Shipyard due to sail on wednesday PM tide.

Saturday 27th March 2010.    mv V.Ushakov was piloted in to Appledore shipyard Newquay berth today. Tug Vigilant - A 1 year old Damen shoalbuster was Piloted in also towing the OSPREY CARRIER assisted by tug WILLPOWER from Milford Haven into covered yard. Tug VIGILANT subsequently berthed at BIDEFORD quay to await the tow out of the barge due on Wednesday the 31st March.

25th March 2010 Russian Vessel Mikhail Dudin is due at BIDEFORD on Sunday 28th March at 1715 hrs to load Ball Clay for Finland. Dutch tug VIGILANT with her 75m barge (OSPREY CARRIER) in tow is anchored in Bideford Bay awaiting sufficient water to enter Appledore shipyard on Saturday 27th March at 1530 hours. Mv V USHAKOV is also due on same tide she is a roll on roll off ship arriving at NEWQUAY yard to load sections for ROSYTH and is the sister ship to mv VITALI KOCHIN (see photo).

V USHAKOV is due to sail on Monday 29th March pm tide. Tug VIGILANT and OSPREY CARRIER is due to sail from covered yard (with fireworks, lasers, flypast and Aircraft Carrier offshore on Wednesday 31st March)

March 19th 2010: The 50 metre long Smit Barge that has been in Appledore Shipbuilders covered yard since last October was Piloted out early this morning loaded with the near complete huge Caisson gate ultimately bound for Plymouth. mt VULCAN a small Falmouth tug - ideally suited to the estuary with her shallow draught and 6 tonne bollard pull heaved the heavily laden barge out of the drydock aided by local tug/workboats mv Datchet and Lundy Puffin. The barge was towed to NEWQUAY yard where work continues, before the barge is returned into the yard after aircraft carrier sections are collected. On March 27th a 75metre barge will be Piloted in with Dutch Tug VIGILANT (45 tonne bollard pull) as lead and WILLIAMS shipping 15 tonne bollard pull WILLPOWER at the stern. Also on that day (evening tide) The VITALI KOCHIN will return (Roll on Roll off ship) to NEWQUAY YARD to load more sections for ROSYTH sailing on Monday 29th March pm tide. The loaded 75m barge will sail from the drydock on Wednesday 31st March evening tide with fireworks laser lights brass bands flypasts and a Royal Naval Aircraft Carrier at sea to meet the towed barge. Tug VIGILANT will stay in port during the barge loading operation.

A RUSSIAN ship is due for BIDEFORD over this Spring tidal period - dates to be confirmed.

On Thursday 1st April 2010 morning tide the Caisson barge will be returned to the covered yard drydock for completion work.

Feb 10th 2010: After a years absence Bideford is to receive a large  vessel from the RUSSIAN NORTH WESTERN FLEET to load 2800 tonnes of Ball/Brick Clay for FINLAND. She is due in on the Spring tides at the end of March/early April. This is a welcome return for this particular previously regular trade.

Feb. 1st 2010 Babcock Appledore Shipyard have been extremely productive with a large Caisson dock gate destined for Plymouth nearing completion on a large pontoon barge which has been in the covered shipyard since early last October - sailing is scheduled at mid March.

Feb 1st 2010 Huge bow sections for the British Navy's new aircraft carrier are also nearing completion within the yard,as well as numerous smaller steel sections. The larger sections (The size of a building) will be moved onto an even bigger pontoon barge arriving in late March, ready for sailing to the main carrier building site in Scotland. There will be a Roll on Roll off ship also to take the smaller sections away at the same time as the bow sections leave around the 27th March. This ship is likely to be the Vitali Kozhin or a sister ship that successfully loaded many sections last July. (See text and photo below)

Movements at Appledore are outside of Bideford's Statutory Harbour, but are within our Pilotage area and our Pilot's are heavily involved in the delicate manoeuvres .

Feb 9th. 2010 A Harbour Committee member (Cllr. Andrew Eastman) is busy promoting Bideford to Devon County Council to persuade them to send another road salt cargo into our port - thus saving many road miles.

Old News. NEWS 27th November 2009; Bideford is expecting the motor vessel Moormerland which is arriving from Pembroke Dock on Monday 30th November at 0330 hrs.

She will load 2660 tonnes of clay over 2 days and is bound for Castellon in Southern Spain. She has been delayed by numerous weather problems affecting all shipping over the last few weeks.

30th September 2009: Bideford is expecting the mv BEN Varrey with Roadsalt from Ireland over the weekend of the 3rd October for Monday work. The cargo of 1500 tonnes will be discharged into lorries for distribution in the local area. Bideford Pilots will  bring her into port on Saturday evening tide. Distribution of salt as follows: Dolton Beacon 450 T Copstone Parkham 400 T Beacon Down Parracombe 700 T Using Bideford saves 100s of road miles for lorries.

Babcock Appledore Shipyard is expecting a large pontoon barge from Rotterdam. Bideford Pilots will board the Dutch tug SMIT POLEN on Sunday 4th October and conduct the tug and large tow to the shipyard covered yard dock. The barge will have a 400 tonne caisson (dock gate) built on her deck which is to be installed at the Company dry dock at Plymouth. The tug will drop her tow at the yard and sail back to sea immediately before the tide falls.

Ships alongside at the Quay during the 60's Each ship capacity 800 ton max

Two 3000 T capacity ships alongside a third in river awaits berth 2006 Photo Ross Pyne (c)

Wednesday 29th July 2009. - mv Vitali Kozhin A 96 metre Roll On Roll Off ship is due at Appledore Babcock Shipbuilders to load Aircraft Carrier steel sections for the British Navy at Rosyth on Wednesday 19th August 2009. TDC Pilots will be bringing her in. Ship berthed at 1745hrs on Weds Aug 19th Russian crew Russian owned. She had steamed a 1000 miles from Poland in ballast to take the cargo. She sailed  at 1830hrs Friday 21st August after loading 13 large bow sections for Rosyth. Many more sections will be shipped out from Appledore in Spring 2010.

mv Vitali Kozhin
mv Vitali Kozhin 96m RO-RO Ship

Monday 24th August 2009.     Workboat DATCHET sails from Bideford for the site of the proposed massive windfarm near LUNDY in the Bristol Channel.

Friday 14th August 2009 Workboat DATCHET and ex RM landing craft SEVERN SINS has returned from LUNDY with a drilling rig that has bored successfully for more water on the island.

The recession and clay production links to the building trade has severely curtailed Shipping at Bideford and other South West Ports over last winter, picking up for us somewhat in March 2009.

Recent large vessel movements have been as follows:

mv ALEXANDER GRIN March 2009 2000 tonnes of local Ball Clay to FINLAND.

mv MIKHAIL DUDIN April 2009  2965 tonnes of local Ball Clay to FINLAND.

mv PRASIDENT May 2009 2250 tonnes of local Ball Clay to SPAIN.

mv CELTIC PRIDE June 2009 2750 tonnes of local Ball Clay to SPAIN.

Hansons private wharf at BIDNA Appledore where sand imports from the Bristol Channel are regularly landed, have had eleven cargoes since April 2009 representing some 13000 tonnes of material. (Appledore and the Taw and Torridge rivers are within Bidefords Pilotage Area.)

ms OLDENBURG the Lundy cargo/ Passenger ferry has regularly sailed from the port on her (now summer only) scheduled service to the Island. She has also undertaken some river cruises.

Smaller locally based commercial vessels. 

Work vessel mv DATCHET based at Bideford - (Severn Sea Shipping) has obtained a valuable charter for a week a month  for a year taking observers to sea off Lundy in the middle of the Bristol Channel to undertake a bird monitoring exercise prior to the proposed building of the giant Bristol Channel Wind Farm.

Bristol Channel Ketch sv Kathleen & May at the Quay Spring 2009

LATEST August 24th 2009 - Kathleen & May arrives safely at Bideford over the weekend.

AUGUST 20th 2009 - Kathleen and May heading for BIDEFORD, but has weather delays. Original ETA was Friday 21st August. She is at Arklow sheltering at present, and has had a rough night breaking lines alongside the quay due to the swell. She is planning to sail Friday 20th August with an ETA of pm tide on Saturday 22nd at Bideford, or am tide on Sunday 23rd. She is taking advantage of a short Lull in weather conditions to make the crossing from Ireland.

1st August sv Kathleen and May is at Gloucester dry dock undergoing essential maintenance.

She is sailing from Gloucester at the end of this week to attend a tall ships festival at Bristol this weekend (1st August) where she will be open to the public. She is then off to WHITEHAVEN to attend another Tall ships event in early August.

She will return to her home port of Bideford at the end of the summer.

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