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Self service telephone number sequences and out of hours Standby Officer number

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You can contact the switchboard on 01237 428700 to use the self service options as detailed below. All calls coming in on this number will hear the following options:

For Council Tax or Housing Benefit enquiries, please press 1

For Benefit enquiries please press 1

To make a payment using our automated payment service please press 2

For Council Tax enquiries please press 3

For Business Rates & Sundry Debtor enquiries please press 4

For Planning or Building Regulations enquiries, please press 2

For Planning Support press 1

For Building Regulations press 2

For Waste & Recycling enquiries, please press 3

For Housing, please press 4

If you need to speak to an officer with a Devon Home Choice enquiry press 1

If you need to speak to an officer for advice regarding your current housing situation or are worried about becoming Homeless please press 2

If you are concerned about the condition of your property or believe your property should be adapted to meet the needs of a disabled person in your household please press 3

If you are repaying a loan to the Council for deposit or rent in advance and wish to discuss your case please press 4

If you are in temporary accommodation provided to you by the council please press 5

To make a payment using our Automated Payment Service, please press 5

To hold for an operator, please press 6

Or to go through to Parking Services, press 7

If you are calling out of normal office hours and the nature of your call is an absolute emergency, you will be given the option to Press 1 to speak to the Standby Officer (01237 423200).


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