Services A to Z

  • Benefit Fraud Information

    Benefit fraud is not a victimless crime. It takes money and resources away from those in need and undermines trust in the welfare system. Deliberately withholding information or providing false information that affects a benefit claim is stealing. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Scheme is intended to go to those who are entitled and not to the greedy few who are not. That's why we are targeting benefit thieves!

  • Building Control

  • Building Control Forms

  • Building Regulation Documents

    The Acts and Revisions covering Building Control in England

  • Business Rates Forms

  • Business Support & Guidance

  • Dogs and fouling

    Information about the service the Council provides in relation to tackling dog fouling, Dog Control Orders and dealing with stray dogs

  • Noise and other nuisances

    Noise (domestic and non-domestic), smell, dust, smoke and other emissions from premises can cause a legal nuisance, if they materially affect the use or enjoyment of other premises

  • Pest Control

  • Pollution

  • Report it!

    Torridge is committed to keeping our local environment safe, clean and green for residents and visitors alike

  • Safer Food Better Business

    Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB), is a food safety management pack to help small catering businesses comply with the food hygiene regulations. The current regulations require food businesses to have written procedures in place to manage food safety.

  • Waste Management Forms

  • Water Quality

    The main duty of this Council with regard to water quality is the routine sampling of Private Water Supplies within our area.

  • Work out and claim benefits