Food Complaints

Local authorities investigate complaints regarding food bought from businesses within their area. This page contains information on what to do if you have a complaint about food you have bought within Torridge.

What The Food & Safety Team Do

The Food & Safety team investigate issues of food safety or where food has become contaminated by an object, chemicals, or microorganisms. When we receive a complaint, we will attempt to identify the cause of your complaint, establish whether the complaint is the result of a failure at the business, and take action as necessary to correct any identified issues and enforce the law.

What You need To Do If You Have A Complaint

If you have purchased food in the Torridge District and would like to make a complaint about the food, please contact the team on 01237 428809 or email us at foodandsafety@torridge.gov.uk. You will need to show us a receipt as proof of your purchase.

If your complaint is in regards to poor quality, you should complain to the food business that the food was purchased from so that they know about the problems. This will give them the chance to investigate the problem.

If the food was incorrectly labelled or described, this falls outside the remit of the Food & Safety team. If you have a complaint regarding food labelling issues, please contact the Error whilst rendering inline with type ID 4 (External Link Inline): Exception: 'gi.controlsite.CSObjects.CSNotFoundException', message 'Invalid Identifier : Link ID 2312 was not found' at Devon County Council.