Consultation on Publication North Devon and Torridge Local Plan - NOW CLOSED

North Devon and Torridge District Councils, following consultation on the draft draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan invited comment on the Publication version of the Local Plan during the period 26th June - 8th August 2014.

The Local Plan is an important area of work that will shape the future of northern Devon and it is vital that local communities and businesses get involved in deciding how the area will evolve. It considers the long-term vision and objectives for northern Devon up to 2031. The Local Plan contains a vision for northern Devon that will be delivered through spatial strategies and development management policies. The principle aim of the Local Plan is to support growth to meet the areas social and economic needs through sustainable development.

The new Local Plan will allocate sites for development, regeneration and protection across northern Devon as well as establish strategic and development management planning policies to ensure local development is built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The Local Plan is supported by a 'Sustainability Appraisal' that explains how the policies have evolved and the rationale for them. The Sustainability Appraisal of planning documents is required by S (19)5 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The sustainability appraisal process incorporates the requirements of the EU SEA Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive 2001/42/EC, but also assesses wider economic and social effects of plans.

The Local Plan is also accompanied by a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). The HRA seeks to establish whether there is the potential for any adverse effect on identified European Sites (N2k sites) as a result of implementing the policies in the joint Local Plan. The HRA has been undertaken in line with the requirements set out by the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c) (Amendment) Regulations 2007.


The Councils invited comment on the Publication North Devon and Torridge Local Plan during the period 26th June - 8th August 2014. All the documents made available for the consultation are provided as downloads below and can be viewed through the Consultation Portal, together with all comments received in response.


The following material was provided to support the consultation, together with the related Evidence Base

North Devon and Torridge Local Plan - Complete

North Devon and Torridge Local Plan - By Chapter

Policies Map

Please note that the Inset Maps relating to individual settlements can be found within the relevant Chapters of the Publication Draft of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan (see above).

Summary Leaflets

A series of leaflets are available that highlight some of the main proposals for each of the larger settlements in Torridge. Please note that these leaflets only provide summaries of the proposals. Please refer to the draft Local Plan for comprehensive information.

Sustainability Appraisal

Comment Forms

Supporting Documents

What happens next?

The Councils reviewed all comments received within the consultation period. In response to the issues raised during consultation on the Publication Local Plan and to ensure the Local Plan is up to date and that it meets the requirements of the latest national planning policy, the Councils are to undertake further consultation. A Schedule of Proposed Main Changes will be published for a six week period of formal consultation during which comment will be invited. Following consideration of the issued raised through the consultation the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination.

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