Internal Audit

Delivering Internal Audit Services to the Council

The Internal Audit Team falls within the Governance function and is based at the Council's Riverbank House Office.

The team are responsible for the delivery of internal audit services to all Council functions as set out in an annual audit plan.

We undertake the independent and objective review of Council systems and services to ensure that adequate and proper controls and procedures are in place. We also offer advice on the Council's Financial Regulations and any aspect of probity or procedure.

Where necessary we also undertake the investigation of financial irregularities.

To the right of this page are some of the policies operated by the Council which can be downloaded for reference in PDF format.

  • meetingWhat Does Internal Audit Do?

    What Does Internal Audit Do?

    Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting function established within the Council that primarily provides an independent and objective opinion to the organisation on the control environment comprising risk management, internal control and governance, by evaluating its effectiveness in achieving the organisation's objectives. It objectively examines, evaluates and reports on the adequacy of the control environment as a contribution to the proper, economic, efficient and effective use of resources. Internal Audit will advise management where internal control systems can be improved, and seek to promote compliance with corporate policies and procedures, and accomplishment of corporate priorities, through its systematic review of the Council's activities.

  • honestyWhistle blowing Policy

    Whistle blowing Policy

    Whistle blowing is a procedure whereby employees disclose any wrong doings such as fraud, malpractice, breach of any health and safety law, or any other illegal act, either on the part of management or by fellow employees.

  • fraudAnti Fraud & Corruption Policy

    Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy

    This document sets out the Council's revised and updated policy to combat fraud and corruption.