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  1. Can an application be turned down?

    Yes. In certain circumstances, the local authority may refuse an application to register a society lottery. An application may be refused for the following...

  2. I have left over/unwanted pharmaceuticals, how do I dispose of the items?

    Any left over or unwanted pharmaceuticals should be taken to a pharmacy that operates a 'take back' service. Please do not flush such items down the toilet...

  3. How do I dispose of my infectious waste?

    Any waste declared by a healthcare professional as 'infectious/contaminated' MUST be disposed of in a yellow waste bag. Yellow bags will then be collected...

  4. When will my item/s be collected?

    For bulky items, such as tables, chairs and sofas, collection will take place on the same day as your refuse. However, for white goods, such as fridges,...

  5. What is classed as a 'bulky item?'

    A bulky item is classed as goods that are too big to fit inside a refuse sack or weigh more than 25kg. For example; carpets, furniture and fridge freezers...

  6. Waste Management Contacts

    For information, abandoned vehicles, missed collections, etc, or advice on Recycling or Refuse Collection please contact our friendly recycling Team: General...

  7. Friday 21st September 2012

    Photos Baltic Carrier- Historic Photos Brunswick and Crosspark East The Water - Free Bark available Free untreated Spruce Bark is available from the quay...

  8. Details of Option 1 [22kb]

    Details of Option 1

  9. Council Tax Scheme Flyer [358kb]

    Council Tax Scheme Flyer

  10. Preparing for the introduction of Personal Independent Payments (PIP) [23kb]

    Preparing for the introduction of Personal Independent Payments (PIP)