Report an Environmental Hazard

This page will allow you to report and describe a number of street related problems to us including, fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti removal, fly posting, spillages and litter bins.

Environmental Hazards

As part of our on going commitment to clean up areas of the Torridge District we are inviting you to report any Environmental Hazards you may come across. Let us know about any areas that need some attention.  It could be Graffiti, Littering, Dog Fouling, or Fly Tipping, etc, that's the problem. With your help we can all take a bit more pride in Torridge District.

Click on the Related Form Link on the right of this page to report an Environmental Hazard via our online form system.  Please note that you do not have to give your personal details if you wish to remain anonymous.

Alternatively, call us on (01237) 428700

Public Litter and Dog Bins

To report a full Litter or Dog Bin click on the Related Form Link to the right of this page.

Alternatively, call us on (01237) 428700