Wednesday 10th April 2013
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Wednesday 10th April 2013

CELTIC FORTUNE sails for Spain.

mv CELTIC FORTUNE sailed at 0630 hrs this morning.

She was at maximum draught of 4.8m aft with a port list. 4.7m ford with approx 2860 tonnes of ball clay in four grades for CASTELLON in Spain.

The tide made prediction at 5.8 metres giving a clearance on the berth of just 10 cms. at high water. River depths were generally good, with some sand turbulence on passing APPLEDORE QUAY at 0700 hrs 20 minutes after high water.

Weather conditions were good, but with an increasing swell at sea, and light winds. The Russian Captain says that his passage time will be seven days.

Celtic Fortune departs for Spain Photo Norman Hardaker Weds 10th April 2013