Burton Art Gallery & Museum - Exhibition News - Michael Brennand-Wood
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Burton Art Gallery & Museum - Exhibition News - Michael Brennand-Wood

Michael Brennand-Wood's exhibition, Forever Changes, is at the Burton Art Gallery & Museum in Bideford on tour from Ruthin Craft Centre, curated by June Hill.

09 March – 19 April 2013

The exhibition Forever Changes charts his career, bringing together work from his from his first major exhibition in 1978 through to his current international practice, capturing four decades of activity. It maps the development of his unique visual language and his preoccupation with the human experience, whilst exploring textiles, a medium that resonates with the everyday and has significant cultural and historical meaning. A controversial figure, Michaels work extends the boundaries of both Fine Art and Textiles and indeed he describes himself as an artist with a sustained interest in textiles.

In an age where many artists do not make their own work, Brennand-Wood absolutely insists on it. For him, making is part of the thinking process and he doesn't want to turn his back on his making heritage.  As a child Michael Brennand-Wood spent a lot of time playing with textiles. His grandmother was an industrial weaver who worked in a mill in the north of England and as a small boy he used to play with fabrics she bought home. Today he makes elaborate, eye-catching wall-hung pieces that are part sculpture, part textile. Using an intriguing variety of materials ranging from conventional textiles to flags, CDs and badges, the pieces explore traditions of visual patterning as a means of expressing ideas and challenging perceptions.

One of the strongest characteristics of Brennand-Wood's work is the illusion of space. Touch is equally important and an intrinsic quality of textiles. They provide a sensory experience with the materials conveying a message through touch. The work can be read on different levels. He says: "From a distance it looks purely decorative, but as you get closer you can see the details. I like the idea of going into the work, there's almost a hallucinogenic quality to some of my pieces – you enter a different world. I'm interested in abstraction and enjoy seeing what you can do optically with rhythm and colour, but the abstraction still has a meaning and is not just playing with pattern."

During his 40 years as a practising artist he has regularly exhibited internationally and worked as a lecturer, curator and arts consultant. Forever Changes opens on Saturday 9 March, and at 2pm, Michael will be giving an informal talk and tour of the exhibition. It is accompanied by a fully illustrated publication on sale at the Burton.

"The Burton's exhibition programme ranges from celebrating community arts and heritage to exhibiting works by international artists Quite a feat for a single venue and as the only visual arts organisation in this region that can host exhibitions of this calibre and scale we are delighted that Forever Changes is touring to the South West and to Bideford in particular." Miranda Clarke, Visual Arts Manager, Burton Art Gallery and Museum

The exhibition is at the Burton Art Gallery & Museum in Bideford from 9 March to 19 April 2013.

A range of events and workshops for all ages will accompany the exhibition Forever Changes. For more information or to book phone 01237 471455 or visit www.burtonartgallery.co.uk

Image: Michael in his Studio, 2012, Photography: Phil Sayer

Forthcoming Events:
To book please contact the Burton on 01237 471455 or visit www.burtonartgallery.co.uk

Forever Changes Talk and Tour 9 March 2pm Free
Join Michael Brennand-Wood as he provides an insightinto the exhibition.

Where Stitch Meets Illustration with Kim Jones
23 March 10am – 4pm £35
Creative adult workshop aimed at exploring the boundary between illustration and textiles.

Fabulous Fabric Flowers with Rowena Light
18 April 10am – 4pm £35

Adult workshop using Michael's work as inspiration to make extraordinary fabric flowers.

Window Webs with Karen Hawkins
11 April 10am – 4pm £15

Children's workshop using Michael's work as inspiration to make window web sculptures

Venue Contact Details:
Kingsley Road, Bideford EX39 2QQ
(e) burtonartgallery@torridge.gov.uk
(t) 01237 471455


07 March 2013