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Annual Electoral Register Update

Every year we update the Electoral Register. Every residential property in the Torridge District will receive a Household Registration Form.

You need to reply every year in order to stay on the electoral register so that you can vote in future elections, even if there are no changes to your form.

Annual Update of the Register of Electors

Each year Torridge Electoral Services sends a Household Enquiry Form to each of the 31,152 households within the Torridge District to obtain information about residents at the property to see if any are eligible to vote. 

Any names added to a Household Enquiry Form will then be sent a Invitation to Register form which must be completed either online or returned to the Electoral Services team at Torridge District Council.

The Electoral Register is used to establish is you can vote.   If you are not registered to vote you could also be refused credit for a mortgage, mobile phone, loan etc as the credit reference agencies use the register to give a credit score.

Don't lose your Vote!

Who needs to be included on the form?

If you have been registered before to vote at your current property, your details will be pre-printed on the form.  If any of these details are incorrect you need to cross them through and add the correct/new details.

The people you need to include on the form are:

  • Everyone over the age of  18 who is living at the property
  • All British, Irish, European or qualifying Commonwealth citizens
  • 16 and 17 year olds (so that they are eligible as soon as they turn 18)

If you are not sure if you should add someone, ring the Helpline on 01237 428702

NO CHANGES TO YOUR FORM? - You can register by phone, internet, text or by post

If there are NO CHANGES to your form from last year then you have the ability to register by phone, internet, text or send back the form in the pre-paid envelope.

On your form their will be unique reference numbers specific to your property, registering your form as no changes is a very quick, easy and cheap way to inform us that all details on the form are the same. 

Details on how to use this service are included with your form.

CHANGES TO YOUR FORM? - You need to return the form in the envelope provided

If your form contains pre-printed information that is not correct then you will need to clearly make these changes on the form and return in the pre-paid envelope provided.

If the previous owners names are listed DO NO REDIRECT the form , cross out their names and list the names of the people now living in the property and return in the envelope provided.

Checking that your details have been captured correctly

The new Electoral Register will be published on 1 December each year.  You can either ring 01237 428702 or pop into one of the Torridge District Council offices to check if your details are correct on the new register.

The register is available to view to check your details at :

Riverbank House, Bideford
Holsworthy Area Office, Holsworthy
Torrington Area Office, Torrington