Port and Harbour Charges - Ships.
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Port and Harbour Charges - Ships.

Commercial - 2013

VI SITING SHIP'S DUES for BIDEFORD HARBOUR and PILOTAGE AREA charges or 2013/14 (effective April 7th 2013).

1. Harbour Charges

a.    Conservancy Charge                        49p per Gross Tonne

b.     Wharfage (loaded on or off) (Clay)    67p per tonne of cargo

                                                 (logs)    83p per tonne of cargo

c. Craneage (loaded on or off)                 1.14p per tonne of cargo

d. Water - Connection                             £23.99 per vessel

                Supply                                    £1.27 per tonne

2. Pilotage Charges

a. Charge                                                33p per gross tonne per act

b. charge with Pilot Exemption Certificate    25% of full charge

c. Pilot Boat Service 300/GT x £300            max £300 per act

d. PBS surcharge within river Taw                £228.36

When a Pilot is ordered to attend a vessel at tide time and such vessel does not then leave £91.67 .

When a pilot puts to sea to meet a vessel at her expected time of arrival but does not pilot her because she fails to keep her time of arrival, the pilot shall be entitled to make an attendance charge of £114.19 and additionally a pilot boat fee of £300.

A Pilot Exemption Certificate will cost £125.59 for examination, and £33.13 for the Certificate. The Certificate will be renewable at a cost of £33.13.